How are baking and choosing a web host similar? Take a look!

Step 1: Plan web hosting

web hosting a cake

When you are getting ready to bake anything (we'll use a cake for our web hosting comparison), it's important to plan first. The process of baking is much quicker when you read through the recipe ahead of time (this give you the time to run to the store if you need to!); get out the right tools; and measure things.

It's the same with web hosting. You want to make sure you are totally prepared to make the right decision before you even begin comparing companies. Some questions to consider include:

  • What type of hosting environment will your website require? Maybe cloud hosting is best, or maybe shared hosting is the way to go.
  • What are your storage space requirements?
  • Do you need to watch your budget?

You must determine your specific needs prior to researching different web hosting providers if you want to choose the perfect host for your site!

Step 2: Mix

So you have all of your ingredients laid out to make that cake. It's time to start mixing things together!

In web hosting terms, this means finding the companies that provide everything you need. There can be no exceptions. It takes the combination of all of those “ingredients” to ensure web hosting success.

Step 3: Put It In The Oven

So you've mixed it all together, and now you need to place that cake in the oven. Otherwise it's just a big liquid mess!

Now's the time to read through those terms, choose the right package, and set up shop.

Step 4: Remove It From The Oven

Ding! It's time to take that cake out of the oven! It looks great! (Unless you didn't hear the timer, in which case it's probably burned!)

Once your site is complete, you can publish it, and begin the frosting process. Unless you've burned your cake – or chosen a hosting provider that shuts down regularly! In this case, it's time to cash in on that money-back guarantee and switch hosting providers at once! (I hope you kept that list of options handy!)

Step 5: Frost It

Let's get to the good stuff – the frosting (and, yes, you can lick the spatula!).

When it comes to hosting, the frosting on the cake adds up to the little details like:

  • Making your site more user-friendly
  • Change your design
  • Add pages
  • Add plugins
  • Start a blog
  • Hire some content writers

You know, make it the best cake – er, site – it can be. Your site should look so good that people will want to eat it. Okay, maybe not eat it, exactly, but it should look so great that people will eat it up.

Now, you can sit back, eat some cake, and watch the visitors to your site roll in (along with profits, of course).

Got hosting questions? No? How about cake baking questions? For answers to one, or both, leave me a note!

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