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newsletter SauceIt doesn't matter what kind of company you run. Whether you are selling homemade goods online or running a cheap hosting company, you have to always make your site better – that's just the way that Google wants it. Since we're all slaves to Google, you should know that your content will make or break your site.

You should also know how to convert readers into customers because isn't that the point of having a blog anyway? So how can you turn your readers into people that actually buy things? One tactic is to generate a newsletter.

Secret Newsletter Sauce: The Newsletter Game

Back when the concept of a newsletter was first created, it was an amazing idea. Subscribers could get great tips, deals, and insider information just by reading a piece of paper. Then, something happened. Imposters disguised as Internet marketers began creating automated monstrosities called newsletters. But these things were newsletters at all.

They were, instead, emails full of useless information and bad deals. That's why people are now reluctant to sign up for said newsletters. The thing is that you can change this perception. Yes, you. You out there reading this post – you can change the way that people think about newsletters. How?

Secret Newsletter Sauce: You Can Create Change

It's simple enough, really. Just offer something that's actually worth signing up for. Let's take a lesson from the e-commerce brand ‘Gilt.' Gilt is a company that sells designer goods at a discounted price, but there's a catch. You have to be invited to join Gilt, and you have to sign up for the company's email notifications.

Once you've signed up, you will – as promised – get lots of amazing deals. From the start, Gilt generated a buzz because the company delivered on its promise. You can do that too. Create a site pop-up that asks people to sign up for newsletter distribution. Once you have a few sign-ups, you can then start crafting your newsletter. Can't write? Hire a writer. No ideas? You'll come up with some.

Secret Newsletter Sauce: The Magic Sauce

The secret to a great newsletter is in the sauce. Think of what you'd like to read if you signed up for a newsletter. More importantly: think about what you don't want to read. Then, generate a buzz amongst your clients by offering something great. Before you know it, people will want to sign up for your weekly note.

Just remember to keep your newsletter fresh, and let people know about your news through social media channels. Sure, some people will pass around the coupon codes you give out in your newsletters, but that's all icing on the cake when you think about it (Secret Newsletter Sauce).

The formula: offer something exclusive, deliver on that offer, generate a buzz about your newsletters – and turn those readers into buyers.

Need help making a newsletter sauce? Looking for ways to write a newsletter? Ask us! We are here to help you!

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