Company Overview

Hosting Review provides cloud hosting with professional solutions that gives guarantee of providing maximum performance. It is a Romania based web hosting provider. It renders various web hosting with different servers like VPS, VDS, cloud servers, SSL, SEO etc. with 25/7/365 monitoring. It always recommends choosing a virtual dedicated server that is VDS servers. This will guarantee a level of hardware resources a customer always want (CPU, RAM, HDD), resources that can be upgraded at any time as required. also offers several packages of web promotion, online marketing and SEO optimization for the best possible positioning in search engine ranking, maximum visibility and conversions as SEO and Online Marketing Optimization.

Reliability & Performance

First thing which makes it reliable is that, it offers free web hosting for seven days through which a person can decide whether he wants to buy its services or not. Another are 99.9% uptime, back up facility, security through SSL, etc. It offers many added features through its control panel which makes it perform well. In this way, is a reliable & good performer web hosting firm. Through SSL certificate it gives credibility to customer`s website in front of users through web domain validation and encryption of the connection, so it cannot be intercepted and exploited, especially when it comes to confidential data.

Hosting Plans offers various web hosting services; these are web hosting for bigger & smaller business, VPS server, VDS server, dedicated server. Every hosting plan offers various features & those are with affordable price. It also hosts multiple websites in one hosting service. With every hosting service SSL service for security, purpose comes absolutely free. Like this, there are many other services which a person can come to know when he visits website.

Control Panel & Features

Softaculous one-click installer is available with standard with over 300 applications and over 1000 PHP classes. One more feature it has is auto responder that optionally sends an automatic reply to the sender of the e-mail. The sender will come to know that the person has received his e-mail. Another feature is holiday auto responder. One more feature is forwarder through which customer can forward e-mails to another e-mail address automatically. DNS management, webmail and many more features have. With all the characteristics also furnish 99.9% uptime, continuous upgrade as & when required & back-up facility to save data if needed.


24/7/365 means continuous support facility is supplied by To make a customer`s server run continuously, it provides various facilities like 99.9% uptime which means server is on for almost 365 days, back up support to save sensitive data of customer, etc.

Refund policy

There is no refund policy, but there is a benefit it is providing. A person can test its web hosting service for a week. It offers free web hosting to test for one week. Through this test, a customer can decide easily without any fear of losing money.

Conclusion is a competitively low price web hosting provider in Romania. It offers various products like VPS servers, cheap website hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, domain registration, server colocation, etc. It has got a plan for every one high-quality web hosting for a bigger business with high cost & web hosting for smaller business with low price. Therefore, furnishes various web hosting services with many facilities.

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