Choosing a Cheap Website Host Company

Cheap Website Host Company Just as the name suggests, a cheap website host company is one that offers cheap web host services. We will look at what cheap website host is, and how cheap website host is a good option for some businesses and other casual users. Cheap website hosting services are hosting services that… Read More

What’s the Deal With Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Insurance Insurance. You need it most of the time. But, what about insurance when it comes to the Internet? Do you need to have some kind of website insurance? What types of cyber insurance exist, and, more importantly, how much will it cost you per year? Here’s what you need to know about cyber… Read More

Heavens Gate Site Still Exists

Heavens Gate Site Wired, the technology blog, recently posted a really interesting article. One that baffles my mind. The article titled ‘Internet Archaeology: Behold the Most Hilarious Abandoned Websites’ lists a bunch of old websites that are more or less abandoned. The sites do exist, I checked, but there are some things that I can’t… Read More