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Company Introduction – Hosting Review Dreamhost

DreamHostKey Selling Points

  • Independent, reliable web hosting provider
  • A leader in web hosting and cloud services for WordPress users worldwide
  • Open Source (OS) cloud storage hosting service underpinned by the Ceph distributed object store and file system

Establishment: 1997

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States

VP, Cloud: Jonathan LaCour

Dreamhost is a big organisation like Amazon nor they have multiple regions or portfolio nearly as expandable, therefore pricing structure is quite simple and easy. Company has three priced packages with cheapest starting at $5/month. User can use maximum amount of resources in each plan by cover. Two instances are launched by users in first bouquet.

Company has established cloud technology, few agree on it. Some are referring to Software as a Service(SaaS) for example Office 365 services, some are saying it is elastic infrastructure so that user can adjust and expand to fulfill requirements of organisation computing. While others are thinking in reference of cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. While cloud technology is large and includes all necessary things.

There has never been a shortage of service providers supporting products as cloud offerings. Company has market leaders like Amazon, Rackspace, Compute Engine and Azure from Google on which is becoming a long listing. All have common one thing that to scale and cater for needs of different organisations they were made with flexibility and large Enterprises. As a result lot of complexity is there to confuse startups of humble Zimabwean.

Complexity is not supported by price structures vexing that accompany services. With languages like VPC peering Data, EBS, t2.micro, t2.medium, t2.small, EBS only storage, AWS regions, data transfer prices for data in and out instances, elastic addresses, dense storage instances and what-nots. Amazon Pricing 101 should be made as a certifiable course. Other providers are not good to log and launch pair of Amazon instances. With Google's Cloud Compute Engine something is encountered called “load balancing forward rules” which worth apparently about $15 each/month and which user cannot do without. Azure cloud is not good.

There are probably lot of cloud offerings of simple price and user are always to mention below and knowledge will be shared with community. Users who want uncapped internet are familiar with phrase “up to”. In same manner slight catch is there: Once some resources like amount of RAM allocated for user plan then more instances will not be launched by user. User are allowed by first and second plan and one public IP is used which anyone can attach to single instance.

If anyone wants to launch LAMP stack and deploy MYSQL Database in their own case for some specific reason. Several apps are launched behind firewall and access is regulated to them by using one internet facing machine. The additional IP address is purchased by the user for $6 each/month.

Some famous images selection is also there including Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 20-21, Centos 6-7 a, Debian Wheezy and CoreOS fulfill requirements of more people. Images are not large as available say AWS but allow user to create and edit custom images of their own future use. It will be more beneficial to launch duplicate, multiple and custom-made instances.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Dreamhost

  • WordPress Hosting
    DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Advanced users get Jetpack Professional from Automattic, a $299/year value, at no extra charge.
  • Woocommerce Hosting
  • domain registrations to web hosting
  • VPS
  • cloud storage and computing services

Customers – Hosting Review Dreamhost

No. of Customers: 400,000+

Target Customers: Individuals, small businesses, and developers

Latest News – Hosting Review Dreamhost

  • (December 11, 2016) Web Host DreamHost Upgrades its DreamObjects Object Storage Service leverages ‘Jewel,' the latest version of Ceph. With Ceph Jewel, DreamObjects offer multi-site capability and now supports “any number of clusters or sites, as well as bi-directional failover and active/active configurations.
  • The upgrade makes the solution more scalable, reliable, and high performing. It enables users to store a range of media files including documents, photos, and music. With Amazon S3 API compatibility, it also allows users to build “cloud-ready applications.” It supports the AWS4 authentication protocol which enhances security and compatibility when interfacing with Amazon S3.

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