Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins

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Excellent content is now more important than ever before. With Google's new Panda in place, bad content simply won't work – that means ditching the bad keywords and cheap outsourced writers. In their place, it's a good idea to hire some qualified journalists to get the job done properly. But, there's just one problem with that: letting too many people into a WordPress site at once can be troublesome.

Thankfully, the good people that develop WordPress plugins have thought of this problem. Further, they've developed some excellent plugins to help with the “multi-user” WordPress issue. Here are some of my top WordPress plugin tips for sites that have too many hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins: Good Writer Checkify

Sometimes, you really have to point things out over and over again. If you manage a blog, many writers, and work with multiple edits, ‘Good Writer Checkify' is a plugin that you have to have. This plugin reminds all writers of certain points that you want to get across in each article. For example, if you want every article to have a conclusion, you can configure this plugin to remind each writer to include that conclusion. See how helpful this plugin can be?

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins: Audit Trail

Do you want to see who has logged into a site? Who has edited which post? What person is responsible for that really bad article? Well, ‘Audit Trail' is the plugin for you. This plugin keeps track of everyone that's been in and out of a blog, so you know what's going on at all times.

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins: Co-Authors Plus

I really like this plugin. Sometimes, it takes more than one awesome writer to complete a really great article. When you need more than one person to write an article, you will also have to grant those people access to that article. ‘Co-Authors Plus' gives credit to all the people that made an article possible, and you don't have to do anything extra to make that happen – just install this plugin.

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins: Advanced Author Bio

Hired a professional writer with a great portfolio to write for your blog? Don't hide that fact! Promote it! After all, a writer with credibility can go a long way when it comes to your blog! ‘Advanced Author Bio' gives your blog authors a complete bio including social media links and a nice photo. Let your blog authors shine by helping them to promote your work (and providing you with back-links!).

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins: AuthorSure

Have you ever noticed that some Google results include photographs of a blogger next to a result? The plugin ‘AuthorSure' does just that. This plugin will show an author's face or logo next to all articles. People like it when an article shows a confident face, they are more likely to click on that reliable link, so why not check out this WordPress plugin?

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