Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Starting up your business' shared hosting website was a no-brainer. It is obvious how valuable a business website is these days. You may have even integrated social media into your online repertoire, another excellent idea. With the amount of people relying heavily on sites like Twitter and Facebook to get their information, you'd be a fool to ignore their potential for increasing your customer base. Why Your Website Needs A Blog

But did you think about adding a blog to your shared hosting website? If the answer is no, you should really think about it. Why? Well, let's say you've set up your website and Facebook page.

Your customers have ‘liked' your page. You post information on deals and specials, and maybe a question or two every now and then (when you remember.) But did you consider writing up something interesting pertaining to your business or industry, if not daily then weekly?

Why Your Website Needs A Blog?

1. Blog Share your knowledge : Showing your customers you know your stuff when it comes to your industry is always a great idea. It shows that you are an expert of sorts, and the chances they think of you when they need a little assistance or advice are much higher.

2. Blog Inhances SEO : If your website has a blog and you can remember to post regularly, your website moves up in the search engine, thereby exposing your website to more potential customers.

3. Blog Show your personality : While your business doesn't have a personality, the people that work there do. Customers love to get to know the people behind the scenes, whether telling the stories of their contributions to the business or personal stories. Either way, when your customers feel they “know” you and your employees, they will feel more comfortable with your business in general. They'll want to come back time and time again in order to shop with their “old friends.”

4. Blog Interaction : You can post content on your blog that gets a reaction from readers. Maybe you've posted a topic regarding your industry that is controversial – expect some friendly arguments, and even some sharing. You know, the “Wow, you need to read this!” posts that abound on Facebook. This increases the eyes on your website! You could post an interesting topic or a how-to that people will find valuable. Don't forget to ask questions at the end to get your readers' opinions!

5. Blog Expand your network : As long as you are posting valuable content, your readers will share like crazy, which leads to more loyal readers.

6Blog increases.More website visitors : In that act of sharing, new readers will want to see what your business is all about. As such, they'll start clicking through other pages on your site.

7. Simple : It really isn't that difficult! If you find daily blogging is too much for you, post once every few days. Blogging platforms typically allow you to schedule a post as well, so you can spend a day writing up content and schedule it to post over a series of days. This allows you to free up more time in your busy week, while still posting content on a daily basis. You don't need to take any special classes either, as the majority of blogging platforms are relatively easy to get the hang of.

8. Cheap : Many blogging platforms are offered for free, meaning it's not adding any additional expenses to your budget.

9. Free advertising By Blog! Promote new products, spotlight old products to breathe new life into them, or demonstrate ideas pertinent to your industry.

Blogs are not a replacement for your website, but a wonderful enhancement. You'll find, upon adding blogging to your routine, that your website visitors and sales will increase!

Do you maintain a blog, or have you been thinking about it? What benefits to your business are you seeing?

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