Powerful WordPress Hosting platform

WordPress Hosting Key Selling Points Free and Open-source content management system (CMS) based on MySQL and PHP. The most popular blogging system on the web is used by more than 60 million websites i.e. 28% of the internet. WordPress is accessible and easy to set up for everyone. It covers most of the average user… Read More

xCommenter Plugin

The Utility of xCommenter The xCommenter WordPress Auto Comment SEO Plugin is a unique plugin that makes the total process of content making very easy for all kinds of users. The plugin is very ideal to be used in the corporate sectors as well as for the private usages as well As we are all… Read More

WordPress 3.8 Is Worth the Upgrade!

WordPress 3.8 Know what’s great about WordPress? The developers behind this site are constantly trying to make WordPress better for everyone that uses it. And, if your’e one of the many that use WordPress, you’ll benefit from what WordPress has created this time around – even if it is a bit more frivolous than actually… Read More

6 Great New WordPress Plugins

If you’re working with WordPress, you should really take advantage of all that this platform has to offer – and that means lots and lots of plugins. New WordPress Plugins are created nearly every day by anxious developers. Some of those plugins are useless, but some are just great. Here are six of the best… Read More

How to Install the REL=AUTHOR Tag for WordPress

Tag for WordPress If you run a blog on your cheap hosting site (and why wouldn’t you?), you should really consider the rel=author tag. What is that and why do you need it? Here’s an explanation. The REL=AUTHOR Tag for WordPress When you conduct a Google search, which link are you more apt to click… Read More

WordPress Hacks: A Lesson In What Not To Do

WordPress Hacks: What Not To Do We’ve said it so many times here on the blog: it is vital, whether on your WordPress site or your shared hosting account, to perform software updates. Beyond vital. And recent news underscores the importance of this. Outdated versions of WordPress allowed hackers to launch DDoS attacks from a… Read More

Media Explorer: Storify for WordPress Blogs

Media Explorer WordPress is trying to compete with Storify by offering users a new way to embed YouTube videos and Tweets. The newest WP plugin called ‘Media Explorer’ will add some spice to your WP blog while also providing a pretty clever way to quickly insert videos and share tweets of interest. Here’s how it… Read More

Are There WordPress Alternatives?

Are There WordPress Alternatives We talk a lot about cheap hosting WordPress sites. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there for blog, online retail site, or website. However, are there any alternatives? If you’re considering WordPress for your cheap hosting website, here are five WordPress alternatives¬† compared it against to… Read More

WordPress For Your Online Training Site

WordPress For Online Training Site You are building an online training site for your employees on new software they’ll have to work with. Where do you begin, and how do you do it easily? Rely on WordPress and a plugin called WP Courseware! Many people are relying on a WordPress cheap hosting site for their… Read More

7 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance

Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance If you frequent the Ananova blog, you know WordPress is the most popular CMS. It is simple to use, and makes even a beginner feel like an old pro! Businesses of all sizes and individuals alike rely on a cheap hosting WordPress site each and every day to bring information… Read More

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins

Helpful Multiple User WordPress Plugins Excellent content is now more important than ever before. With Google’s new Panda in place, bad content simply won’t work – that means ditching the bad keywords and cheap outsourced writers. In their place, it’s a good idea to hire some qualified journalists to get the job done properly. But,… Read More

Two Simple Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

Keep Your WordPress Site Safe WordPress is the most popular blogging and website platform available. It accounts for nearly 60% of CMS used by businesses today. That’s saying a lot. So, it’s a big problem when WordPress sites come under attack. Lately, WordPress sites have been the target for many hackers, and tons of WordPress… Read More

WordPress Hosting 101

WordPress Hosting 101 So, you’re looking to start up a blog. Whether a personal blog so family can keep in touch or a business blog to share important news related to your business or industry overall, how do you start? Obviously, you’ll want to choose a blogging platform. WordPress is a great option. It’s free,… Read More

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers Features – Cheap WordPress Hosting A WordPress the open source Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a template system and plug-in architecture The plugin extends the functionality of the website Largest self-hosted powerful blogging tool used by millions of websites Search Engines have special algorithms… Read More