Latest News And Web Hosting Review FullHostKey Selling Points

  • Trusted by Canadians from coast to coast to deliver a best in class web hosting experience

Services Offered:
class web hosting, shared web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, managed virtual cloud and bare metal dedicated servers.

Establishment: 2004

Headquarters: Victoria BC

Data centers: Vancouver and Toronto

Target Customers: small, medium, and large organizations across Canada and beyond

What for Customer?

  • Provides wide array hosting services
  • Free migration services
  • Manages client's backups

Latest News

  • (January 11, 2017) Sets New Standards with Managed WordPress Hosting. The platform provides an ability to scale up infinitely, growing as viewership grows. The hosting provider would take care of absolutely everything from upgrading to preventing from malicious attacks. The dedicated support team would repair any damage a hacker may cause to the outer layer of cyber defense during an attack, keeping websites secure no matter the situation.
  • (VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, PRWEB, DECEMBER 09, 2016) FullHost Offering Free SSL Certificates With Let's Encrypt All domain would have SSL certificate installed by default. Traffic between server and visitor browser is encrypted and protected. Google provides a higher ranking to SSL certified websites, which potentially increasing sales and exposure.

Latest News

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