Vital LinkedIn Steps

Vital LinkedIn StepsLinkedIn is a really vital sales and marketing tool that you're probably not using to its fullest potential. Or, maybe you're not using it at all – and that would be a mistake. If you run any kind of hosting company, you will need to have an online presence, and that means signing up for a LinkedIn account.

Not sure what to do after you sign up? Take a look at these LinkedIn for SEOs and business vital steps.

Five Vital LinkedIn Steps to Take

1. Fill out your profile completely. LinkedIn offers a nice and simple way to add details to your profile. Make sure to go through and write concise synopses about your past jobs, what you're good at, and describe who you are in a nutshell. But, don't make the mistake of copying and pasting your resume – people aren't looking for bullet points.

2. Do add some clips. I love LinkedIn's new clip feature. You can add clips from publications, links, logos, and all kinds of other great stuff now, and that makes a profile even better.

3. Don't set up and forget it. There's a reason why the word “social” is included before the word “network.” You have to talk to people, post updates, and let the world know that you exist. Be active!

4. Don't start spamming people. LinkedIn will warn you not to request connections with people you don't know. After your requests have been rejected a few times, the site will cut you. That means that all your hard work will be gone. You don't want that to happen, so play nicely.

5. Add entertainment. People love to see videos, infographics, and anything that entertains. Make it happen. Add some videos, some charts, colors, and anything else that will catch attention.

Other Helpful Tips

Even though its a social network, LinkedIn still provides users with a great way to add contacts and spread the word about a new venture. Keep in mind that you represent your company when you go social, so don't post anything that doesn't jive with your company ethics.

Otherwise, the LinkedIn world is your playground. Get out there, fill out your profile completely, and let everyone know what you do. If you think about it, you already know hundreds of people, why not connect to those people and see who they know?

Do you use LinkedIn? Have some tips to share? Let us know what you think about this social network in the comments below.

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