Company Introduction

DatablocDatabloc web hosting company was established several years back in 1998 in a bid to join other web hosts in the industry to offer quality hosting services at affordable prices. This web host offers shared hosting services, reseller hosting services, domain name registration and SSL certificates among many other hosting services to their clients from all over the world.

Databloc Reputation

Databloc web host has a reputation in the hosting industry as a web host that offers their clients good up time statistics along with speedy hosting services that go a long way in ensuring stability and dependability of their hosting services. Today this web host is a leader in the industry when it comes to offering affordable web hosting services of the best quality.

Databloc Features

Feature rich hosting is what the Databloc web hosting company looks to offer their clients, This web hosting company has only two hosting plans; the standard hosting plan and the e-commerce hosting plan. The standard hosting plan goes for only $ 4.95 per month and comes with a web space of 5GB and a bandwidth of up to 150 GB along with support of multi domain hosting, has web stats, has sub domains, one gets up to 2000 e-mail accounts and uses the c panel 11 control panel that is easy to use yet very user friendly and flexible. Though it comes with excellent hosting features it lacks a dedicated IP address and is not SSL ready. On the e-commerce hosting plan, clients get 2000 e-mail accounts, a dedicated IP address, Fantastico, web stats, multi- domain hosting, sub domains, is SSL ready and comes with 5GB of web space and 150 GB of bandwidth each month for only $7.95 per month. Both hosting plans support PHP 4 and 5, MYSQL, SSI, CGI-BIN, Cron jobs .ht-access, and custom error pages.

Databloc Performance

The equipment that is used in the company's data centers is of excellent quality and the most preferred brands in the industry thus great performance. The company' s data center is State of the art and has excellent facilities and the best infrastructure so that clients get the best hosting services. DataBloc powers clients web sites with the best infrastructure and facilities along with the fastest and most powerful servers in the industry.

Databloc Reliability

Databloc hosting ensures that their hosting services are full of great hosting features along with offering excellent up time statistics that keep their servers on line throughout the day and night. The company's servers are further more very fast and the company's hosting runs on the best network.

Databloc Support/ Service

The customer care desk at the Databloc web hosting company can be reached throughout the day and the night in order to cater for all the needs of their clients. The technical support team at the same time is very reliable as they are very fast in responding to any technical problems that their clients may encounter. The customer support team and the technical support team can be reached via phone, e-mail and live chat 24/7along with the trouble ticket system.

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