Company Introduction

DCHostDChost was started in October 2000 but then it became operational in the hosting industry as a limited company from April 2002. It was formed with the aim of entering the hosting industry to offer domain name registration and web site hosting services to people from all over the world. The company has its server housed in their data center in London Docklands at Sovereign House.


DChost has a reputation in the industry as a web hosting company that offers both Windows based and Linux based web hosting services to their clients along with offering outstanding technical and customer support for their clients.


DChost primarily offers their clients either Linux based or Windows based hosting services. The company operates with four basic hosting packages that clients can choose from: the personal plan, the professional bronze hosting plan, the professional silver hosting plan and the professional gold hosting plan. Some of the features of the personal plan include 10MB of web space and an unlimited amount of disk space each month for only $ 4.12 per month and remember that the set up is free. The professional bronze plan on the other hand comes with 100MB of web space and 1GB of disk space each month for only $ 6.59. The professional silver hosting plan has features such as web space amounting to 200 MB and 2GB disk space for only $13.21 each month. Finally, the professional gold hosting plan has 300 MB of web space and 3GBs of transfer along with a free set up for only $ 27.61 dollars each month. Further more, DChost runs purely on Cisco systems.


DChost ensure that they use different servers for every hosting service that they offer their clients; separate servers for each service be it the control panel, name servers, e-mail hosting services, MSSQL or MYSQL. All the company's servers employ the use of RAID hard disks and a Dual core CPU along with a RAM of 1-2 GB all of which are run by the H-sphere control panel, which is among the best control panels in the hosting industry. These servers more over provide back up mail relay and DNS on another completely separate network. All these state of the art equipment and the latest in the industry, DChost is able to offer high quality and great performance hosting services. On top of that the company offers great network up time statistics at 99.9% all through the day and night which goes a long way in ensuring that clients web sites are always on line.


The DChost company's reliability is without a doubt assured since the company ensures that clients enjoy a guaranteed network up time of to 99.9% all day and all night without any interruptions. The technical team and the customer support team also ensure that clients' needs are adequately looked into thus ensuring that clients are comfortable.

Support/Customer service

The DChost company is based on offering excellent customer satisfaction as they consider the clients to be the most important part of the company's hosting. Thus this is why the company goes to extra lengths just to ensure that their clients can reach the technical team and the customer care desk through out the day via phone and e-mail.

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