Tips on how you can remove Bitdefender completely

Before we go into Bitdefender we should learn something about antivirus in general. Well antivirus is nothing but a program that protects your computer and its operating system from rogue programs known as viruses. Now most antivirus come with advanced features that allow the computer to eliminate any spyware, malware, trojan or viral threat to the computer. If a virus is able to penetrate your computer then it may corrupt your operating system and your computer may malfunction.

Now when you decide to go and buy an antivirus you must consider a couple of things. Firstly there are paid and free versions of antivirus that are available in the market. It is always best to go for the paid version as you will have full access to all the features, usually free versions have limited features. Secondly and most importantly you must buy antivirus from a reputed brand like Bitdefender.

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus that is available in the market, this soft ware has remarkable features that allow the users to seek maximum protection against viruses. It is observed that people who have used this software have not switched to any other brand as they are very pleased with the results. The software is very easy to operate and is quite easy to install. However the removal of un installation process is not so easy so you have to follow a series of steps to get it done the right way.

Now let us go over the various methods that will allow you to remove bitvendor from your computer

Method suggested by the vendor

  • Firstly you should close all other applications before you start the removal process
  • Then you must click on the start option and then go to the modify option
  • When the splash screen is displayed you have to click on Next and you have to press remove to confirm.

Using the uninstaller that is provided by the operating system

  • You can start out by clicking on start and going straight to the control panel
  • After that you must click on twice on the add remove program option
  • After that you have to locate Bitdefender and press remove

You must note that you cannot remove Bitdefender completely by following the method mentioned above. Certain files related to the antivirus will always remain in the computer. So there is another method that will allow you to remove Bitdefender within a very short time.

Remove Bitdefender using an automatic method

  • To start off you will first need to download a removal program and have it installed on your personal computer.
  • You need to click twice on the uninstall tool then you have to click the uninstall icon on the interface.
  • After you have taken care of the above steps, the uninstaller will remove Bitdefender automatically from the computer.

Follow the steps and you will have no trouble in removing Bitdefender from your computer.

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