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Are you a subscriber to Adobe's Creative Cloud service, or are you one of the many who disagree with the fact they will no longer offer consumers physical software? The cloud service is available to users for $50 per month, and offers access to Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and other applications available in their Creative Suite.Adobe-Logo Adobe Creative Cloud

Many users are up in arms over the fact they no longer have the option to purchase the software, forcing them to cough up a subscription fee each month. They are so against the change, a petition was created asking Adobe to continue to develop Adobe Creative Suite 7, offering an option for those who cannot afford the subscription fee. “Do it for the freelancers. For the small businesses. For the average consumer…Do it for the sake of creating a more beautiful world together,” it reads. Those signing the petition know that Creative Suite 6 will eventually become obsolete as the tools develop in Creative Cloud, forcing them to sign up in the long run. The petition has received over 11,000 signatures.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Rough Start

Back in March of 2012, Cnet and analyst firm Jefferies & Co. polled those in the creative industry to gauge their feelings on the Creative Cloud. Not surprisingly, only 27 percent of people felt positive about the subscription price, while 62 percent had a negative view of the price.

One survey participant said, “Rent my software? What if Adobe one day goes bankrupt?” Another said, “$600+ per year, every year, instead of about $550 to upgrade every two years? Nearly doubles my Adobe software costs.”

On the other side of the fence, a user chimed in, “Less than my iPhone bill and does so much more for my business.”

In response to the initial survey, Adobe said, “We believe customers will see the added value of our new offering when it is available. It will become quickly apparent — via the continued addition of new products, services, and capabilities — that Creative Cloud is the best long-term choice for customers.”

Adobe Creative Cloud: A Price Cut To Sweeten The Deal

A follow-up survey was conducted in December of 2012, where 59 percent of respondents say the price cut of $30 per month during a promotional period was a “major influence” in their decision to subscribe to the Creative Cloud.

It is interesting to note that at that time, respondents were asked if they planned to upgrade to the Creative Cloud or stick with Creative Suite 6, and a whopping 61 percent said they weren't sure yet. 28 percent said they planned to stick with CS6, while a mere 11% planned to switch to the Creative Cloud.

In the words of a user: “Moving to the cloud, we upgraded from multiple copies of CS4 Design Premium and Production Premium. If you do the math on the discounted cloud service, 24 months times $30 equals $720. That is close to cheapest we ever paid for any of the suites.”

Adobe Creative Cloud: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Now you are asking yourself, “Is it worth it to upgrade to Creative Cloud?” However, there is no easy answer. On one hand, you have access to all Adobe design products. But do you need access to all of them, truly? On the other hand, the monthly cost seems a bit steep. But is it really?

Let's look at the cost issue. Are you really going to use all of the tools that come with the $50 monthly subscription? If not, and the only software you work with is Photoshop for example, it might be wise to pay $20 per month to subscribe to this single application rather than waste your money on applications you'll never use. Of course, if you are a professional designer, you might need a few of Adobe's tools, in which case the $50 is not such a bad idea.

It seems Adobe is making it difficult for those with small businesses, startups, and the up-and-coming developers to afford their products, not to mention the fact if you don't pay the subscription fee, you lose access to your files stored there. But how do you feel? We'd love to hear your opinion on Adobe's decision to move to the cloud!

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