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Computer users all over the world have been traumatized by viruses for years, and it is through these bitter experiences that the users have learnt about the importance of installing Avast antivirus software to protect the computer and the operating software. Sine you will be using the internet through your computer using an antivirus makes sense as it is the only line of defense against harmful viruses. Avast antivirus is a software that has won many awards for its flawless services. The best part about this software is that you can download it for free online. This software provides good amount of security to your computer / websites from threats from viruses.

Avast antivirus: So what is so special about this software?

Well to find a suitable answer to that we must take a look at some of the features to understand the benefits of using this software.

To begin with, this Avast software has an anti spyware component  that is approved by the West Coast Labs, which happens to be a top notch facility that is used for certification, testing and research of services or products. A good antivirus software should give the users and updated protection against any kind of spyware. When dangerous programs find a way into your computer this antivirus will begin work immediately. Even if a particular virus manages to slip past the antivirus program, the software will warn you and will also give you the option of getting rid of the virus for good.

The best part about Avast is that it has a fast scanning method. Since it is fast it will be able to comb right through your system and that is very important; this way you can be assured that your operating system is not affected by the virus. The software does a stream scan which will not slow down your computer in any way. In fact you can still carry out all the regular functions with your computer. Avast antivirus also cuts down the size of the updates, the software will only scan files that were not scanned previously.

Avast software has real time shields that will monitor the internet connection that your computer is using and at the same time will also scan all the files on your computer. While scanning the software will not distinguish between an open or a closed file it will go through all files just to make sure that your computer is well protected from virus attacks at all times. The P2P shield will scan all P2P files from a file share program. The Network shield in the software will act as a System that detects any intrusion that will do away with any threat of a virus attack. Any files that are received from internet based messaging services are also scanned very well. There is something called a behavior shield that will monitor the behavior of any program and take immediate action if any program is acting in a strange way. Follow the tips in the article to understand the benefits of Avast antivirus.


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