Introduction to F-secure antivirus

F secure antivirusF-secure antivirus has many features that will give your computer absolute protection from viruses of any kind. The software has a revolutionary system that very cleverly combines antivirus program with a strong firewall. This unique combination will give you full control over your computer system. Parental control, spam filtering and security are some of the advanced features that this software has.

F-secure antivirus comes with a new feature called Deep guard that is basically used to analyze behaviour. This particular feature runs a check on the other programs that open automatically. Due to the inclusion of Deep guard, the software is very useful in combating threats that have not been discovered.

The software comes loaded with features such as a sophisticated parental control system that offers total family protection and it also makes sure that the internet is used in the right way by people. In addition to this the software has a very user friendly interface that allows the users to control sophisticated tools that help you set a u which will monitor your computer system on a regular basis.

The software does not take up a lot of space on the hard disk, so your machine will not slow down at all. This software also has certain additional features like web url ratings and exploit detection; these tools make sure that surfing the internet is safe and they help to keep any virus at bay. This software collaborates with Yahoo and Google to make surfing the internet safer and easier.  This software is best used for notebooks and laptops.

A little bit about the company that manufacturers F-secure antivirus

The company was established by founders Risto Siilasmaa and Petri Allas in the year 1988. It was only three years after its inception did the company launch its first antivirus in the market. In fact in the Year when windows bases platform were released for sale this company was the first to develop antivirus.

In the year 2009 the company took over Streek which was initially a company from France that provided specialized services such as file back up and servers. The company also received two awards for its outstanding performance in developing a world class product.Experts have stated that this is the first company to introduce itself on the internet in a big way.

This software is not too tough to use in fact you will get a user manual that will carefully state how you can use the software for your benefit. Now like any other software this too has its shares of disadvantages but the good news is that the advantages are far more in number and intensity. In short this software is something that you should buy without any hesitation. Follow the guidelines in the article and you will have no trouble in using the software to keep your computer safe from viruses so that way your computer will give 100% performance at all times.

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