African Startups Working on Internet Security

african startups securityAside from the occasional YouTube video from John McAffee, the Western world doesn't hear much about security startups. But, these startups are booming in Africa. As the Internet continues to expand and mobile phones become something vital, African startups are focusing on security matters now more than ever before.

Due to the newness of smartphones and the Internet in some parts of Africa, cyber-crime laws are lax. This is, however, something that various countries in Africa are working tirelessly to change.

African Startups Working on Internet Security: Internet Security is Crucial

If you think back to the first website, you may remember that security surrounding this site was non-existent. This is to be expected with any kind of new technology. When new tech arrives, trying to keep that tech locked down and impenetrable to outsiders can be a rough ride – and that's exactly what African countries are facing right now.

As companies like Samsung and Huawei release more and more smartphones into African countries, tech firms attempting to build cyber crime laws and keep hackers out are fighting an uphill battle. The same goes for new cheap hosting companies being built in various African countries, and website owners attempting to keep sites safe.

African Startups Working on Internet Security: eCommerce Is Both a Good and Bad Thing

Any kind of business expansion within a country is positive. In parts of Africa, that kind of growth is the eCommerce kind. Wherever there's a connection, new companies are setting up online shops. That's great, right? It is – only, it's hard for shoppers to buy things from these shops without knowing whether or not those sites are safe.

The same goes for online banking, which is now more popular than ever before in parts of Africa. Banks are embracing the emerging Internet, but those financial institutions have to promise users that security can be found online, and that's not really possible if anti-cyber crime laws are instituted. So, you see, there's a big problem in Africa where technology and security is concerned.

African Startups Working on Internet Security: Solving that Issue

Startups in Africa looking for a way to break into the technology business are focusing on that problem. By setting up security software and helping build anti-cyber crime legislation, these companies are making a lot of headway. Soon, you may see some new Internet security programs coming from African startups. You may also see a lot more eCommerce happening in Africa.

For now, the battle to keep African websites safe from hackers wages on. But, this is all start to change very slowly. It's promising to hear that smartphone companies are targeting African users, and that the Internet is starting to reach far parts of Africa, but cyber security is still a really big issue – one that is, thankfully, being solved.

What do you think about the security problems that African web hosting companies and site owners are facing right now? Is there a simple solution to this issue? Do you expect to see new security companies pop up in Africa soon? Let us know what you think!

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