Company Introduction

sos-onlinebackupSOSonlinebackup is among the leaders in offering online backup services and was established back in 2001. Today it is one of the largest providers of online backup solutions in the world. They offer backup services to Small and Medium businesses , IT service providers and consumers among many other clients. The company has a large network that protects and backup data in Asia, North America and even Europe. It operates from 11 data centers that are located throughout different continents of the world.


SOS online backup is recognized in the world over as a leader in offering online backup solutions to their clients be it for home or business use. when it comes to safely storing clients data online digitally for both home use and business use. It supports PC, Mac, Android, the i Pad and i Phone.


SOS online backup for businesses provides their clients a simple working portal from which clients can manage standard backups of data along with file server backups thus this ensures that all the data of a organization is backed up. SOS online backup service offers clients an array of excellent features that ensures that clients get the best backup solutions in the industry. This online backup solution offers unlimited gadget and PC backup solutions as there is no limit of endpoints that can be protected and on top of that an unlimited number of PCs can be backed up in an organization. With SOS online backup service, clients also can manage all the aspects of their businesses as it allows for centralized management of an organization's activities. With SOS online backup, clients can backup a number of devices on just one account, access and share their data from any part of the world at any given time as long as one uses an Internet enabled device. On top of that , clients can also access their backed up data via the i phone or Black berry. More over clients also get ease in scheduling such as daily weekly or monthly backups or even instant backups for crucial files. Physical backup for business is also available where SOS online backup services uses PMU technology which allows clients to backup by sending the encrypted data on an external hard drive, called ‘seeding'.


SOS online backup solutions performs quite well since it is very easy to use and comes with an array of features. This online backup service looks to deliver a powerful yet very simple online backup solutions propelling it to the top of the pack in the industry. The best thing about backing up with the SOS online backup service is the fact that clients can backup multiple accounts on just a single account. This backup service uses a three tiered encryption system that goes a long way in enhancing the security and safety of clients data.


SOS online backup solutions can be used for both home and office use thus incorporating the various needs that clients may have for the online backup solution.

Customer service

SOS looks to ensure that the needs of their clients are well looked after. The SOS online backup team is available to cater for the varying clients needs all day throughout the week, from 6.30 AM to 5 PM which ensures that clients are satisfied. The customer support team can be reached via live chat and the ticketing system.

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