Are Keywords Dead

keyword seo Are Keywords DeadAre keywords really dead? That's the word on the street these days. Google has changed things around again, and this time Google doesn't want to see a bunch of articles stuffed with keywords. What does Google want to see? Helpful content that rules the Internet airways.

So, what can you do with all of those keywords? Here are some ideas.

How Keywords Can Help

Keywords should no longer be the meat of any article you're writing. But, you can use keywords to…

1. Understand your audience. It's easy to forget, but your readers are human. Keyword research lets you know the topics and ideas that your human readers are searching for. Use those ideas to build articles from.

2. See where people are going. Keywords can let you know what people are starting to think about. If you begin to see a lot of keywords for, say, ‘unicorn spotting' you may also begin to see lots of things about unicorns. So, one of your next topics might be ‘Facts About Unicorns.'

Of course, the knowledge that you get from keywords is really only as good as the person searching for those keywords. So make sure your social media person knows her stuff.

Are Keywords Dead: Other Ways to Build Content

There are lots of great resources out there when it comes to finding and building great content. Use the Internet to your advantage, and read all about what other people that have come before you do. You can never learn too much or know too much about a topic, and this goes for keyword research too.

But what if you're the SEO of a company? Do you still have to know about keywords and stuff like that? Absolutely. Why? Because it's hard to monitor the people that are in charge of such things if you have no idea what you're doing yourself, right? So, learn as much as you can.

Are Keywords Dead: Absorb

What's the best way to write killer content? Live, breathe, and own your work. Whatever it is that you do, spend every waking moment love that thing. Spend ever minute learning about that thing, and absorb as much as you possibly can about your topic.

The only way to be an expert on something is to learn it inside and out. So, that's what you have to do with social media, keyword research, and your topic in general. Know your stuff. That's simple enough, right? If you don't know your stuff, find someone that does – and that person can teach you. You're never, never, too big or too old to learn – that's a valuable lesson.

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  • oha Moses says:

    This keywords post is really helpful . keywords is really important. Without keywords in an image tags , nobody see your image through search engine

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