Linux version for VPS

VPS originally developed to save when it comes to server expenses. Almost all software can efficiently run and installed on VPS. But, there are some differences. Vmware and Hyper-V frequently used for visualization, but as a result of expense they are not too common — alternatives include OpenVZ,  Xen, and KVM.

Linux an ‘open source community oriented’ operating system. Plenty of integrated characteristics included when it comes to Linux Operating System like

  • free of costs
  • no need to invest in unique software and packages
  • thousands of developers work on its code to make comfortable and adjustable ingredients according to needs;
  • User-friendly interface to use GUI and
  • Linux can work on old computers – plus this OS is compatible with most advanced technology too.

All of these features combine to make Linux one of the most popular options available.

Types of Linux Version for VPS

Linux version for VPS chosen according to needs and selection.

Here are some of the most popular Linux options:

Redhat Linux version for VPS

RedHat – Linux Version For VPS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the oldest Linux server distributions.  This option comes with the highest security when overall performance is concerned since it uses RPM Package Manager. Red Hat is not free, yet it's the best enterprise level OS, and it has excellent software compatibilities. The one drawback here is that you have to pay extra to obtain customer support assistance.

centos linux version for vpsCentOS – Linux Version For VPS

A new sub-variety of Red Hat Linux. The RHEL source code used in CentOS (as a result of the RHEL package) used within CentOS. This option also uses rpm package manager and is beneficial to developer market. With a CentOS VPS hosting platform, all the benefits of Red Hat comes with some other options

ubuntu linux version for vps

Ubuntu – Linux Version For VPS

It is the most widely Linux OS. It's a solution for individuals who seek long-term alternatives combined with most advanced technology. Ubuntu's mandate is to make this OS user-friendly and provide new software versions. It also helps that this OS is effortless to use. New versions and updates regarding their “apt” package manager give support to the user for both desktop and server options.

open suse linux version for vps

Open Suse – Linux Version For VPS

You can install Open Suse on PCs and a server. This option best reserved for experienced system administrations that know how to use and control various applications. It is stable and secures and, its package manager is YaST. SUSE Linux enterprise server (SLES) provides the most extensive application support among any enterprise Linux operating system for VMware. It provides more than 6,000 certified applications free for customers.

Benefits of Linux Version For VPS

  • Save cost by provisioning precise amount of memory, and disk space. VPS can adapt and scaled to fluctuating business needs.
  • Make backup and disaster recovery easier and can deploy from one server to another. Downtime gets significantly slashed.
  • Better utilizes resources
  • Improves business continuity: Deliver quality services even in wake of an unexpected disturbance.


Linux OS for servers often chosen for online projects with limited funds. Linux works well with system hardware and it consumes less electric power for operating applications compared to Windows. Security a well-known feature of Linux and NSA developed SELinux (a feature of Linux). Linux version for VPS best used to run web-based projects for large corporations or for various people at once.

The best way to go about choosing a Linux option is to consider:

  • what kinds of services are you looking for?
  • types of services would you setup?

Internet hosts, databases hosts, or application hosts. Linux works well with most system hardware and easy to set up. It is the number one choice of professional developers all around the world.

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