Eleven2 Web hosting Company Introduction

eleven2The company was conceived by two designers sitting in a coffee shop way back in 2003. The two designers decided that they were going to start a company that dedicated its resources towards helping people and not just earning high dividends. All the ideas gave birth to Eleven2 web hosting which is company that cannot be replicated. The company provides unmatched hosting and customer support services.

This company will be around for a long time to come as the company looks for ways to cater to the demands of the customers. The headquarters of the company is located in Texas but has offices located in prime cities like Singapore, England Dallas to name a few. The company is very well equipped to meet any demands when it comes to web hosting.

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The company is known to employ some of the most talented photographers, writers, business owners, film makers, musicians, developers and designers. All of these people work day and night to understand he demands of the customers and deliver exactly what is desired.

Eleven2 Web Hosting Reliability

The company has been in business since 2003 and it has achieved a lot since then. The company has hosted more than 100000 websites till date and they operate from four different locations around the globe. The company has ushered changes in the industry of web hosting. The company has also received many awards which proves that the company is very reliable and can be trusted.

Customer Support

As the company grows and expands its operations it has never compromised when it comes to providing prompt services to the customers on a continuous basis. These characteristics of the company have set them apart from the competitors. The company interacts with the customers on a one to one basis and that is what has earned the company a respectful place in hearts of the people.

Customer service

The company ranks number one when it comes to providing great customer support. The company provides strong customer service and you can contact a representative at any time of the day in case you are having trouble dealing with an issue. The service provided by the company is extremely friendly. The company does an excellent job in looking after customers in areas such as Singapore, England, Texas and Dallas. Now you may think that the services provided by the company are very expensive but the good news is that the services are quite affordable and reliable. In fact you will have no regrets about paying money for good quality services. Eleven2 offers the customers a two month money back policy; this has been widely accepted by the customers all over the world. If you go through this review properly you will learn a lot about the services of the company. This review Eleven2.com is focused on presenting the facts in front of you to judge the company for yourself.

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