The True Cost Of Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web Hosting dollar signWonder what a quality web hosting will actually cost you? You might be surprised to learn that it can be quite inexpensive. But no matter what you pay, if you're a business, you need a cheap hosting website.

No one turns to the Yellow Pages anymore to find a product or service in their area. Instead, they turn to the Internet. A Google search for Chinese food restaurants in your area turns up a neat little map complete with pushpins. Hover over those pushpins and you'll see the address and telephone number, allowing you to call ahead and make reservations or place an order for pickup. If your Chinese food restaurant doesn't have a web presence, you're truly missing out.

Quality Web Hosting: The Problem With Free And Dirt Cheap

Sure, you could go with a free web hosting provider, but it's probably not the best idea you've ever had. These types of web hosting providers do come with a price in the form of ads for their service placed on your website. You have no say in where they're placed or how they appear, and nine times out of ten, visitors to your site will be turned off by them.

It is possible to find a quality web hosting! Sure, there are some that offer little value for you, the webmaster, especially if you haven't the slightest clue about HTML. Though that $3 per month price tag sounds appealing, it comes with the added cost of your time and your sanity.

Quality Web Hosting and Cheap Web Hosting In One

If you spend just a little bit more, even $10 per month, you can find a great cheap hosting company. It's worth the extra money, and here's why:

  1. More bandwidth and disk space. You don't need to worry about your site being extremely slow from an increase in traffic, and you don't need to limit what you post to your site.
  2. Useful control panels and templates to help you design your site, even if you don't have the slightest clue how to write HTML. Often times, these cheap hosting providers offer a free shopping cart and checkout, blog, and more.
  3. Customer service that is available at any time, on any day, when you need them, not just Monday through Friday 9-5.
  4. Available and responsive tech support. Again, available at all hours at any time you need them. You'll need to do some research into response time, but it's worth it when you know that problems are dealt with as soon as possible rather than a day or two down the road.
  5. Uptime guarantees. Now, don't get carried away. You can't guarantee someone 100% uptime. Just not possible. 99.9% is good! Just research their practices in the event of something like power outage or hurricane. Are there generators? How long does downtime historically last for that company?
  6. Security is key. Is data encrypted? Are the servers located in locked, highly secure areas? Are they monitored 24-7? What about firewalls and anti-malware and anti-virus software?

A free hosting company just won't offer all of this and quality web hosting, and neither will a low-quality cheap hosting provider. At the end of the day, your website will bring added profits to your business. Isn't it worth it to spend a bit extra to ensure it's successful as quality web hosting?

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies

 Creatively Named Web Hosting CompaniesJust as with a business, there are some highly creative names in the world of web hosting companies. Some are clever, while others make you scratch your head, wondering who in their right mind came up with such a name.

The following is a compilation of the best of the best when it comes to strange and shocking names of web hosting companies.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.InternetTrash .com

ilogoAs the name suggests, this is the place for the website covering trash. Their website boasts it is “the only place for trashy, tasteless, useless, politically incorrect, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, waste of bandwidth homepages.” Of course, they say that “normal and ordinary” homepages are free to sign up, but would you really want your normal homepage hosted by Internet Trash ? Probably not.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.amenworld .com

amenThis site has nothing at all to do with religion. In fact, their slogan is “In web we trust.” Additionally, an image pictured on the site shows a man with upturned face, arms outstretched towards the sky, in an obvious gesture of “Hallelujah, I have a web hosting company !”

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.Yupapa .com

A Hong Kong web hosting company offering a variety of hosting packages, not to be confused with

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.GoDaddy .com

Yes, they're everywhere, and one of the biggest names in web hosting currently. But seriously, who chose that name ?

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.FatJackHosting .com

They aren't around anymore, but this company did exist at one point. Did they cease operations because of their name ?

Don't worry, you won't catch anything big at Just the mini ones.


Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: Animal-related Names

There are a slew of names inspired by animals, and they really aren't pretty. www.LaughingSquid .net might sound kind of cute, but what about www.BigWetFish out of Northern Ireland ? Sounds smelly.

www.ScreamingPeacock .com might be a reference to the speed of their hosting service, but it just sounds like an obnoxious bird.

Head to www.FatCow .com for “udderly fantastic web hosting.” Ugh.

Some other doozies : www.AtomicFrog .com, www.FlyingCroc .com ( wait, crocodiles can fly? ), and www.BigBirds .com (does this site host Sesame Street's webpage ? )

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: The Overpromised Space Names must offer up a lot of space, but not more thanwww.ExaBytes .com. The exa- signifies 1018, or one quintillion bytes. Now THAT'S a lot of storage space. (If only it were true.)

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.HowdyNeighbor .com

This web hosting company just has to be owned by Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson's neighbor. Rumor has it he had to shorten the name from “www.HiDiddlyHoNeighbor .com.” Glen Quagmire of Family Guy is contemplating jumping into the game as well withwww.GiggityGiggity .com.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: Foodies

If your diet is lacking potassium, rely on www.BananaHosting .com to fail miserably. Trying to improve your diet overall? www.CyberSalad .net can't help you one bit. They're both web hosts, silly.

What goes best with your peanut butter ? Try .au or www.JamRoll .net.

webIronically Named Web Hosting Companies

Something you typically try to avoid when using your computer : www.PowerSurge .com. www.00server .com seems it is inadequate to get the job done. No one wants an addict web host, so why would they go to Crankithosting .net ?

There is something to be said about choosing a name for your web hosting company. Of course, you want the name to stick, and maybe that's why GoDaddy is so big right now (of course, that could be because of spokeswoman Danica Patrick as well.) Although a shocking name will stick with people, it can still be so shocking it drives clients away.

Cheap Website Hosting Providers

Cheap Website Hosting 2017

Why choose Cheap Website Hosting providers listed for individual or business website?

  • Adequate infrastructure available to manage traffic hikes and sustain increasing online visits.
  • 100% uptime: 24.7.365 business availability. The companies understand that breakdown translates to lose revenue and diminished reputation.
  • Hosting provider manages every of hosting function. It leaves growing business to focus on their endeavors.
  • Helps in migrating from current server.
  • Provides SiteBuilder and Softaculus for non-technicals to create a professional website.
  • Top notch security offered to safeguard from hackers and cyber criminals and protect data theft.
  • Excellent backup and recovery mechanism.
  • Quick support by experts.
  • Web Hosting Customers could get coupons on Ananova to avail premium hosting services.

Review Cheap Website Hosting Providers

Webhostingpad hosting

The company is among the cheap website hosting companies in the industry, as it offers to host from a price as low as $1.99 each month. It provides 99.9% guaranteed network up time. Also, provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth. Furthermore,  unlimited email accounts, up to $ 200 free marketing credits, a free domain name and on top of that, free web site transfer and free domain transfer.

Cheap Website HostingiPage web hosting

It offers clients great website hosting features such as an unlimited amount of bandwidth, disk space. Also, unlimited e-mail addresses along with free domain registration and free security Suite. Clients furthermore get cheap website building tools to help them in building their site.


The best website hosting companies in the industry. It offers customers cheap website packages with great website hosting features. Most of all ranging from unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain along with unlimited e-mail accounts. Also, Clients get Free Site Builder templates along with Secure Shell. Also, SSL, FTP, Stats CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL and round the clock customer care support.

When hosting a website, Arvixe web hosting company will for sure give you the best website hosting services. It's hosting features include free site builder, a free online store, a free domain, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth. Also, along with many other features at an affordable price thus making it cheap website hosting.

InMotion hosting

It offers exemplary and cheap website hosting services to people from all over the world. Hosting features include 3000 plus e-mail accounts, a minimum of 6 parked domains. Furthermore up-to 200 MySQL databases along with other excellent features.

JustHost web hosting

Features offered include free domain registration for a whole year, unlimited disk space and an anytime money back guarantee.


The hosting features include a free search engine submission, an SSL secure server, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4. In addition, a $100 Google advertising offer among many other great features for a small fee thus cheap website hosting.

FatCow web hosting

It offers cheap website packages and cheap website building tools to clients. It comes with a free SSL certificate along with unlimited email accounts and domains plus uses PHP 5.0.

GoDaddy web hosting

It is also a cheap website hosting company that offers reliable and very affordable website hosting services. The hosting features include premium DNS, unlimited bandwidth and a minimum disk-space of 10GB among other great features.

All about Eleven2 Web Hosting

Eleven2 Web hosting Company Introduction

eleven2The company was conceived by two designers sitting in a coffee shop way back in 2003. The two designers decided that they were going to start a company that dedicated its resources towards helping people and not just earning high dividends. All the ideas gave birth to Eleven2 web hosting which is company that cannot be replicated. The company provides unmatched hosting and customer support services.

This company will be around for a long time to come as the company looks for ways to cater to the demands of the customers. The headquarters of the company is located in Texas but has offices located in prime cities like Singapore, England Dallas to name a few. The company is very well equipped to meet any demands when it comes to web hosting.

Visit Eleven2 Now


The company is known to employ some of the most talented photographers, writers, business owners, film makers, musicians, developers and designers. All of these people work day and night to understand he demands of the customers and deliver exactly what is desired.

Eleven2 Web Hosting Reliability

The company has been in business since 2003 and it has achieved a lot since then. The company has hosted more than 100000 websites till date and they operate from four different locations around the globe. The company has ushered changes in the industry of web hosting. The company has also received many awards which proves that the company is very reliable and can be trusted.

Customer Support

As the company grows and expands its operations it has never compromised when it comes to providing prompt services to the customers on a continuous basis. These characteristics of the company have set them apart from the competitors. The company interacts with the customers on a one to one basis and that is what has earned the company a respectful place in hearts of the people.

Customer service

The company ranks number one when it comes to providing great customer support. The company provides strong customer service and you can contact a representative at any time of the day in case you are having trouble dealing with an issue. The service provided by the company is extremely friendly. The company does an excellent job in looking after customers in areas such as Singapore, England, Texas and Dallas. Now you may think that the services provided by the company are very expensive but the good news is that the services are quite affordable and reliable. In fact you will have no regrets about paying money for good quality services. Eleven2 offers the customers a two month money back policy; this has been widely accepted by the customers all over the world. If you go through this review properly you will learn a lot about the services of the company. This review is focused on presenting the facts in front of you to judge the company for yourself.

Latest News, Video and Hosting Review Bluehost

Hosting Review Bluehost

Name Price Uptime Price Visit Now Rs.1699/mo 100% Rs.1699/mo Visit Site

Hosting Review Bluehost – Company Introduction

Hosting Review Bluehost


  • Integrated Marketplace, a one-stop shop to select WordPress themes, plugins, add-ons and services and support
  • Top-rated by

Establishment: 1996

Headquarters: Wasatch Mountains in Utah

Parent Company: Endurance International Group

Services Offered –  Hosting Review Bluehost

Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS and Domain Services

WordPress Pro

All-inclusive web hosting package optimized for WordPress websites, bundled with JetPack analytics, domain privacy, CodeGuard, Sitelock and easy-to-use customer Marketing Center, bringing important website analytics into a single view.

The new Marketing Center: A dashboard which enables customers to monitor and manage SEO, social media, site analytics, and business reviews from Google and Bing.

Packages: Build, Grow, and Scale

Plan Target Customers: Small businesses

  • Build: For professionals starting who have simple website needs
  • Grow: Users with complex needs and want control over traffic dynamics and revenues
  • Scale: Users looking for advanced website features and hands-on support

Hosting Key Features

Powerful cPanel, Secure FTP Access, E-Mail and E-Commerce hosting tools, Programming support, Free DNS management. Furthermore Anti Spam & Virus Protection, Password Protect Directories, Domain name features. Also, Billing & Client Management Solution – WHMCS, First Class Hardware, Powerful and Customizable Addons, Managed Support

Marketing applications, automated security, and WordPress tools

Security: Digital Certificates, Codeguard, and Sitelock

Applications supported: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zencart

Hosting Review Bluehost – Customers

No. of Customers: 1.9+ million domains hosted

What for Customers?

  • Reliable, secure, speedy and feature rich hosting services
  • A fast and easy solution to build a WordPress site
  • Enables customers to grow their digital presence and share their ideas with the world
  • Easy-to-navigate control panel
  • Innovative and continually evaluating and improving the hosting customer experience

Uptime: 99.99%

Money-back Guarantee: 30-days

Support: 24.7.365 via an online Web chat, telephone, a ticket-based system, e-mail. The company also provides knowledgebase and video tutorials

Achievements/Awards – Hosting Review Bluehost

  • The top-rated web host by

Latest News –  Hosting Review Bluehost

  • (December 01, 2017) Announced, For the Fifth Year, a Top-Tier global sponsorship of 2018 WordPress WordCamps. A community organizes conferences in cities around the world, where WordPress enthusiasts meet to share knowledge. The company contributes to making these events affordable.
  • (October 04, 2017) The company offers Quick and Easy WordPress Solution for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs designed for a novice. It would simplify the process of publishing a WordPress-powered website and help to get online fast.

The company supports and participate in a wide range of open source projects to help push the internet to its full potential.