This Article is written with the purpose of educating you about Crystone and the wonderful services that it provides. Before we go in to the services provided by company we should learn something about it.

Introduction to Crystone

crystoneCrystone is a company that provides services that are related to exchange mail, search engine optimization, website designing, Co location, dedicated servers, hosting and domain names. The Company started out in the year 1997 and since then the company has focused all its efforts on providing services that are secure and stable. This company is the biggest hosting provider in Sweden. Crystone also has offices in United Kingdom, America and of course Sweden.

The company is well equipped to deal with customers based in Sweden and overseas as well. Corporations both big and small have opted for the services provided by this company. The company is known to offer some of the best services in field of internet marketing and SEO services.


A Crystone is incomplete without discussing the reputation of the company. A company builds its reputation based on the services that it provides to the customers. To provide good services the company has to utilize sophisticated technology; Crystone web hosting does that very well. The company has two data centers located in Stockholm. These data centers are linked to each other using the internet. The company constructed a data center in 2007 and now conducts all its operation from there. The center has been successful in hosting more than 1200 servers. In the


Data protection is something that this company always tries to provide to the customers. The Data centers maintained by the company are protected by hi-tech security gadgets. The center is monitored by security that is present at all times. Any customer that wants to work on a server of their own, the customer is given a separate room with the internet facility. The network in the center is made by using Black diamond Cisco switches.

Customer Support

The services provided by the company are constantly monitored through a surveillance system. In case there is a system failure of any kind the technicians are notified and they try to rectify the problem within an hour.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by this company is worth mentioning in this Crystone. The company is very prompt in responding to any issues that a customer might face while using the services of the company. The company has a strong and well trained customer support team that can deal with issues both technical and non technical without any problems. The data centers are built in such a way that the company can provide un- interrupted services to the people. The services provided by the company are not expensive at all. In fact the company also provides custom made services for affordable prices. This has made the company very popular with various other companies that hire the services of Crystone. This Crystone has provided the facts about Crystone in an effort to help you understand the various web hosting services provided by the company. Unlike other reviews this Crystone presents the truth about the company.

All About Crystone

If you are thinking of hiring the services of Crystone then you should read a review about the company and the services that it provides. If you search over the internet the chances of finding all the details on one website are pretty slim. So this review is written with the purpose of educating you on the authenticity of the service provider. So pay attention to the details mentioned in this review and you will have no trouble in hiring the services of the company.

The Services Provided By The Company

The company offers a wide range of services to the customers. The company also provides customized packages to the customers for very reasonable rates. The official website for the company has all the information laid out for you to go through. The application hosting plan is an example of how good the services are of this company. This particular plan offers the customers 99% uptime, great technical support, multiple email ids, limitless bandwidth and unlimited disk capacity.

Company’s Profile

Crystone has been around for some years and has been providing web hosting services to the people. Initially the company started off small offering limited services but today the company has become quite big and offers the best services possible in web-hosting.

Services Provided To The Customers

There have been times that the services of this company have been scrutinized; as the quality and reliability of the services were not that good. However the company has tries its level best each day to improve the quality of services and the reliability too. In fact you can even do some research on the company and find out about the services. Crystone offers customized services at reasonable prices and this is one of the main reasons why the company is so popular.


If you really want to know about the performance of this service provider then you would have to carry out a comparative study to judge that. So far there have been no serious complaints about the services of the company. Another point of this company is that it refunds full money to those people who are not satisfied with the services of this company for some reason. The company has never compromised on the quality of services that it provides to the customers.


As far as the reputation of this company goes; well with time the company has connected even better with the market. During the early years the market did take time to warm up to this company but eventually people were quick to realize that this company was better than most of the service providers at that time and the company has not looked back since then. Today the company can boast of a sizable customer base and all of this was achieved through sheer hard work. Follow the guidelines of this review before you go out and hire the services of this company. The company has become very popular all over the world over the last couple of years.

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