Halt and De-List Domain Names Used For Coronavirus-Related Scams And Fake Remedies

In light of this increase in cybercrime, New York Attorney General Letitia James asks GoDaddy and five additional internet registrars to halt and de-list domain names used for coronavirus-related scams and fake remedies. The Attorney sent letters to domain name registrars — including GoDaddy.com, Dynadot.com, Name.com, Namecheap.com, and Registrar.com, and the Endurance International Group, which… Read More

Best Ways to Choose a Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is kind of like selecting the name of your company. The name that you choose has to be catchy, stand out, and really make people think. If you’re currently in the process of choosing a domain name, take a look at these 8 essential tips. Cheap Domain Providers 8 Ways to… Read More

Domain Name Trademarking: Should You Do It?

Domain Name Trademarking Can you trademark a domain name? Should you? I recently came across a really interesting article written by Internet lawyer, Rick Chapo. Chapo argues the case for trademarking a domain name, and a lot of what he has to say makes good sense. Domain names are, by nature, tricky things. Opting for… Read More

The Future of Domain Names

Future of Domain Names Cramming a company name into a .com domain name can be tough. More to the point: .com doesn’t really do much for any company. Wouldn’t it be better to personalize a domain name? Well, in the future, that might actually be possible. Starting next year, TLD (Top Level Domains) will be… Read More