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We’ve explained the importance of reading through Terms of Service (TOS) before on this site. But, there are some terms that are difficult to understand at the start. So, we thought we’d bring you eight of the most important hosting terms to know. This way, you can find these terms in your contract, understand what’s included and not included, and speak to a web hosting company rep with a bit of knowledge in your back pocket. Sound good?

Here we go!

Provided Terms of Service

This is one of the best places to look when you’re searching for the terms that were promised to you by a hosting company. This section of your contract may also be called ‘Scope of Service’ or something else, but it’s definitely there! Inside of this portion of your contract, you will see all of the details of your contract. If the package that you have purchased includes details that are not listed here, make sure to contact your web hosting company.

Some companies write very specific details in this section while other companies keep things vague. For your benefit, it’s best if you can get a company to include those specifics that will make or break a contract. This ways, you can go back to this section and point out your agreed upon details if something goes wrong.

Content Rules

Terms of ServiceThis is a really important term to know and understand, so make sure to read this section very carefully. You see, Google will ban a website if that site does not abide by content rules. As such, a web hosting company may also ban a site that does not abide by Google rules. In addition, some hosting companies have very specific rules (such as no spam, etc.) that you must follow. If something is listed in this section of your contract, but you ignore that section and violate the content rules, your site can be shut down – and you won’t have any recourse.

Payment Terms of Service

Is there anything more important than knowing how a company will extract payment? If there’s one section of a contract that you can’t miss, it’s this one. Some companies will automatically withdraw payment on the same day each month. Other companies will take payment on different days, and others may automatically renew your subscription if you do not stop the payment. So, make sure that you pay attention to payment terms. Otherwise, you may be caught entirely by surprise.

Upgrade Terms of Service

Most web hosting companies are pretty flexible when it comes to upgrading. If you need more space, this isn’t usually an issue. But, just make sure to read about upgrading terms of service. There might be fees listed here that you didn’t know about or consider, and that’s never a good thing.

Downgrading Terms

Companies don’t want you to downgrade mid-contract because that means that you will be paying less per month. So, you may be slapped with a fine for downgrading mid-term. Or, your company may be cool about this and let you downgrade. Either way, make sure that you understand this section completely before you make a switch.

Authentication Terms of Service

Let me put this to you straight: you can’t lie about who you are, where you are located, or other personal details. A hosting company has the right to ask you about this information, and you have to tell the truth. That’s simple enough, right? Should you decide to violate these terms, your contract can be suspended, and that will result in a shut down website.

Why Know These Terms of Service

Sometimes web hosting companies shut down sites for no good reason. When this happens, it’s really comforting to have a contract on your side with clearly outlined terms of service that you understand – and have agreed upon. If your hosting company tries to pull a fast one on you, you will have these terms to back up your concerns. Of course, the opposite is also true.

Should you misunderstand a term or violate a term, your hosting company can shut down your site. When this happens, you will be directed to your contract to review the terms that you agreed upon. Whether or not you understand the terms is up to you, and it’s your legal obligation to check with the company you’re working with if you don’t understand something.

Sure, all of that fine print can be confusing, but it’s really important that you go through these terms and completely comprehend everything. Questions? Need help understanding terms? Just ask! And, make sure to check out web hosting company stats at SiteGeek.com.

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