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itxdesignAlthough you may find a lot of reviews in the internet, that may not satisfy your query in regards to ITXdesign, that is why you have stopped by. This is a comprehensive review about this web hosting company is like along with the kind of service it provides. You have come to the right place and there is no need to look for any more reviews as this will give you a comprehensive view about this company on the whole.

WebHosting $4.95 /month
Reseller Hosting $24.95 /month
WordPress Hosting $4.95 /month
Dedicated Hosting $179 /month
VPS Hosting $49.95 /year
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ITXdesign was founded in the year 2001 and ever since then it had been providing quality services to its clients. They provide services for reseller hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting. One unique thing about this company is that they offer a special hosting package to churches, ministries and missionaries. Not to forget that this is priced fairly that aims to provide services to these non-profit organizations. This makes them stand out from the many web hosting service providers of today.With over 13 years of experience they have been able to present its clients with unlimited bandwidth and diskspace.

Another USP is their uptime which has accuracy of 99.99% on an average. Special mention has to be made about the Tier 1 connection that is not only faster but also highly reliable. Again the website builder they offer is extremely user friendly which requires no help at all. Of course the daily backup that is provided by this company makes it an excellent company to work with.

In addition to all this it has to be added that ITXdesign has a really fantastic team to work with. Their teams are brimming with experts who are ready to help you whenever you face a face problem. Be it a developer, architect or a designer, all these professionals have a zing to work on a given project with a great zeal.

The ability to solve problems of any kind at anytime makes this a brilliant team. Along with this the fact that their packages are inexpensive complements their services. Their services start from a rate as low as that of $ 4.95 a month! What else can you want from a web hosting service provider?

This is why their customers find pleasure in working with them and do not want to look for any other company once they have worked with them because of all this.In conclusion it has to be stated that ITXdesign is not only hosting company that offers variety but also is a great place to look for reasonable services. Talking about this brings us to one more point that not been covered yet which is their customer care services. They have a 24/7 technical help desk that is more than happy to help you at anytime irrespective of the time zones. You may also contact them by emailing their team as per your convenience.

Hence you see that there are more than one reason of opting for their services!

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