GHOST Is Officially Here

ghost blogging platformPoor WordPress! This company is constantly coming under attack from other platforms building better and faster blogging sites. The latest platform to challenge WordPress is called GHOST.

I've talked about it before on this blog (see this cheap hosting article), but the company has just rolled out its services to the public today. As such, I wanted to take an even closer look at GHOST, and let you know if it's worth switching to this new platform.

Who GHOST Is For

Well, there's no debating this fact. GHOST is a platform for bloggers. Why no debate? The company's site states that it is “just a blogging platform.” That means that GHOST is really for bloggers – and it doesn't hurt that the site looks incredible (pay attention, marketers!).

The other question is, though, is GHOST for companies too? The site isn't really targeting companies, but there's not a lot of reason why you couldn't build a company website if you wanted to. It offers lots of really great templates to pick from, and plenty of these are completely slick and original.

The Drastic Difference

Right away, you will see why GHOST is not WordPress – and not trying to be. This site lets you edit as you write (with a split screen), and really tries to be the anti-WordPress. So far, GHOST is succeeding with 31,000+ downloads thus far (you have to download it right now, but that will be fixed soon).

Should you move to GHOST? If your main purpose in setting up a blog is to actually blog, why not give it a shot? it is free, and doesn't come with buggy plugins – but, you can build your own plugins if you want to. When I took GHOST for a test drive, it was a really fun way to set up a blog.

Who May Not Like GHOST

If you're looking to start a website that will include shopping carts and marketplaces, GHOST may not be for you. This is, after all, a platform just for bloggers. GHOST may be for you if you have something to say, though. I also love the pricing that it puts out for its templates – you pay for how much you use. That's a pretty neat concept, right?

Most of the GHOST templates start around $9, and this company is just getting started. If you're looking for an answer to your “no more WordPress!” prayers, GHOST might just be it. Have you checked out yet? What did you think? Is GHOST worth a shot? I'd love to hear your opinion on this one!

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