Hosting in Canada Is It Safe

After the whole NSA scandal in the United States, Canadian hosting companies have been attempting to lure site owners and big companies across the border. The claim is that hosting in Canada is safer due to a lack of government spying NSA-style. But, just how true is this assumption? If you live in the U.S. and host your site with a company based in Canada, are you safe from the eyes of the NSA? What if you live in another country? Here's a closer look.

Yes, It's True

hosting in CanadaCanada might be the U.S.'s neighbour and partner in a lot of things, but sharing citizen secrets with the NSA is, luckily, not one of those things. To think that the Canadian Government doesn't tap into some citizen information is naive, though. Every government takes a peek at questionable details now and then, that's how governments work (and it's why there are so many fictional spy novels and movies out there – fiction is, after all, based on reality).

But, the NSA won't tap into your information if you are a Canadian living in Canada, and hosting your site with a Canadian hosting company. Notice how I added a lot of specifics to that last sentence? That's for a very good reason. You see, not everyone is immune to the NSA while hosting with a Canadian company.

You Have to Live In Canada

If you live in the United States and host your site hosting in Canada, the NSA can still take a peek at your details. Technically, you have to live in Canada in order to stay away from U.S. government eyes. That's how it works. If your data is going across borders, but you still operate in the U.S., you can't escape the NSA. The same rings true for anyone living in any country outside of Canada. If you live in India, for example, you may still be susceptible to the Indian government tapping into your data – even if your hosting company is based in the U.S. So, you see, Canada isn't really the promised land when it comes to hosting.

Hosting in Canada : Other Considerations

The thing about the NSA, though, is that you have to really be doing something suspicious for the government to take the time to see what your'e up to. So, even if you aren't completely safe while hosting your site in Canada, the government won't likely be tapping into your information unless you are a suspect of some kind. In fact, companies tend to tap into personal data more than governments (though not through a hosting company, unless that's part of your TOS that you didn't read!).

In short, you aren't safe from the U.S. government if you host your site in Canada – but you do have to do something to warrant a government agency peeking into your personal details. Why would anyone seek out a Canadian hosting company? If you live in Canada, it might be a good idea to host with a local company, since speeds are likely to be higher due to proximity. You may also want to host your site in Canada if you find a particularly strong hosting company that suits your budget in Canada. Those are two very good reasons to find a hosting company in Canada to work with.

However, trying to dodge the NSA while living in the states and hosting a site in Canada is not a great reason to seek out a Canadian hosting company. If you are looking for some amazing hosting options in the U.S., Canada, or any other country, make sure to weigh your options carefully and compare reviews of hosting companies. You can check out for additional information and for honest reviews from real people – or just take a look at what we have to offer here!

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