Google’s New Cloud Hosting Option

New Cloud Hosting Option Watch out, Amazon – Google has arrived. Google has a new cloud hosting service (kind of) that takes direct aim at what Amazon and Microsoft have already put together. Here are the new Google Cloud details. Inside Google Cloud Platform Google actually rolled out the company’s cloud services via Google Compute… Read More

The 4 Best Social Media Tools

Social media is a lot tougher than it seems – really! Unfortunately, you are going to have to dip your tentative toes into those social media waters if you want to get any brand or company recognition. Thankfully, there are some good tools out there that can help. Here are the ten best social media… Read More

The U.S. Government Changes Web Hosts

Government Changes Web Hosts Did you ever wonder what company was behind the U.S. Government’s health care website disaster? What company does the government use to host this healthcare site? Well, that information has been leaked. Today, the U.S. Government signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to replace Verizon. That’s right, the current company the government… Read More

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals Guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s Black Friday! That means that you’re probably gearing up to spend some cash on certain items, and that you’re looking for some serious deals. Well, the cheap web hosting world wants in on Black Friday too. In fact, there are lots of… Read More

How to Design Site Buttons

Design Site Buttons When you’re working on designing your hosting website, you may be tempted to play around with buttons. Buttons are a great thing, and they are also one of the only things that will get readers to convert into buyers. You can’t have a site without buttons, but it’s not quite that simple… Read More

SEO Permalink Tips

SEO Permalink Tips Let’s talk about WordPress permalinks. These links are essential when it comes to getting any recognition from search engines, but it’s also one of the most overlooked areas on any given WordPress blog. Make Sure Those Links Are Right You’ll have to spend some time brushing up on your SEO tactics to… Read More

6 Great New WordPress Plugins

If you’re working with WordPress, you should really take advantage of all that this platform has to offer – and that means lots and lots of plugins. New WordPress Plugins are created nearly every day by anxious developers. Some of those plugins are useless, but some are just great. Here are six of the best… Read More

5 Ways to Create Original Content Posts

Create Original Content Posts It’s tough to find great content topics to write about, isn’t it? It can seem like everything has already been written about. It can also seem like nobody is reading or caring what you write about! But, that’s not true If you’re getting readers to your site, people are viewing your… Read More

How to Find Really Effective Keywords that Stand Out

Effective Keywords It would be simple just to write. Just writing without thinking of what keywords work best or how to choose the best niche keywords. But, this is the Internet. That means that someone has decided that keywords are important, and you better have a long list of those keywords. Plus, those keywords really… Read More

How to Install the REL=AUTHOR Tag for WordPress

Tag for WordPress If you run a blog on your cheap hosting site (and why wouldn’t you?), you should really consider the rel=author tag. What is that and why do you need it? Here’s an explanation. The REL=AUTHOR Tag for WordPress When you conduct a Google search, which link are you more apt to click… Read More

How to Fix 404 Errors

How to Fix 404 Errors Setting up a blog can be really trick. When you first start blogging, you may add lots of categories and tags and other things. But somewhere down the line, all of that may change – or you may change your mind. When that happens, you’ll want to make edits to… Read More

What Is Backlinking?

What Is Backlinking Trying to figure out SEO for your website is not easy. Really not easy. Especially if you’ve just been throw into the lion’s den and have to set up SEO quickly. The best thing to do would be to contact a friend that knows absolutely everything about SEO. But, that might not… Read More

Letting Guest Bloggers Post to Your Blog? Read This First!

Guest Bloggers Post to Your Blog Setting up a blog with shareable content is a great way to spread the word about your company. Allowing authors to attach their names to a post is an even better idea – and most bloggers will enjoy the recognition. However, there are some precautions that you should take… Read More

U.S. Government Implements Employee Tracking Program

Employee Tracking Program Governments want to avoid Snowden incidents for obvious reasons. But how do you crackdown on something that was supposed to already be locked down? If you’re running the U.S. Army, you take drastic measures, that’s how. The U.S. Army is creating a new internal network called ‘Army Network 2020′ that makes it… Read More

Are Keywords Dead?

Are Keywords Dead Are keywords really dead? That’s the word on the street these days. Google has changed things around again, and this time Google doesn’t want to see a bunch of articles stuffed with keywords. What does Google want to see? Helpful content that rules the Internet airways. So, what can you do with… Read More

How to Start a Cloud Hosting (or Other) Company

Start a Cloud Hosting (or Other) Company Starting a web hosting business is a great idea if you are really into hosting, and you want to make a decent amount of money. But, you do have to be prepared to put in sixty-hour weeks, and basically hide from the world while your business gets off… Read More

Yahoo to Sell Off Massive List of Domain Names

Marissa Mayer has been making huge strides over at Yahoo. Since her first day began, Mayer has been in press spotlight. This week, Mayer did something that’s somewhat unusual but makes a lot of sense as far as Yahoo’s business goes. What did Mayer do? She’s selling off a whole bunch of domain names that… Read More

Write a Video Script for Your Cheap Hosting Site: Guide

Write a Video Script For a while, it seemed like the Internet world was moving away from content and towards video. Now, it’s clear that a combination of the two is what most people want to see. Should you put videos on your site? If so, how many videos should you add, and what should… Read More

How To Link Your Blog to Your Google Plus Profile

Link Your Blog to Your Google Plus Profile The blogging world is buzzing with news of Google Plus lately. Google’s social media network is really starting to pick up, and bloggers are using this to their advantage. This is why you keep seeing small photos next to various blogs when you conduct a Google search.… Read More

How To Remove Broken Links in WordPress

Steps to Remove Broken Links in WordPress Broken links on a blog can really mess up your site traffic. Keeping on top of your blog is something that you have to do regularly – kind of like cleaning your home. Broken links are bound to happen, but if you stay on top of your blog… Read More