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JaguarPC Company Introduction

jaguarpcIt started in 1998 to offer affordable hosting and reliable web hosting services to clients of professional backgrounds. Since then, the company has been time and time again been ranked among the leading web hosting companies in the world. It offers VPS hosting web hosting and dedicated server hosting. The company goes further in the provision of quality services to users by employing only the-best and the most talented in the field.

JaguarPC Reputation

The company has over the years built a reputation in the industry of offering users the best server solutions. Jaguarpc is also highly rated in terms of offering a guaranteed network up time of 100% which has not been disputed by any body.

JaguarPC Features

300% faster hostingJaguarpc is regarding to be one of the fastest growing companies in the hosting industry as it offers users a combination of stellar support, affordable and reliable hosting services along with robust features that suit all the needs of the various customers. Its web hosting plan starts from rates as low as $4.95 on a monthly basis. On top of that,users get unlimited bandwidth, domains and disk space. Jaguarpc hosting further provides unique hosting services along with daily back ups even with the most basic web hosting packages. Jaguarpc offer their users an up-time guarantee of 100% thus showing how dependable and reliable its hosting services are. It offers VPS hosting web hosting and dedicated server hosting to users all over the globe.

JaguarPC Performance

Jaguarpc offer their users an up-time guarantee of 100% thus showing how dependable and reliable its hosting services are. More so, customers are given a jaguarpc coupon at a discounted rate of 20% which has unlimited features and helps users make an easy transition of hosting to their domains. All day, week and year round customer support is another plus for the jaguarpc company.The free data back ups that clients are offered on a daily basis more so increase the dependability and trust that customers have in the company. Customers at jaguarpc are always happy as they can access support from the company of any kind throughout the day, week and year.

JaguarPC Reliability

Jaguarpc hosting offers clients a guaranteed up time of 99.98% with no interruptions. On top of that, there are free backups of data on a daily basis, this gives customers a feeling of security and confidence in the hosting that they offer. More so, customers are given a jaguarpc coupon at a discounted rate of 20% which has unlimited features and helps users make an easy transition of hosting to their domains. All day, week and year round customer support is another plus for the jaguarpc company.

JaguarPC Customer Service

At jaguarpc customers are offered a 45 day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the hosting services that are being offered. On top of that, the services that they offer are quite affordable and very reliable. The best part of using jaguarpc web hosting services is that an account is set up immediately an order is made or payment is made such that a user does not have to wait for too long. Clients on jaguarpc are guaranteed uninterrupted uptime of 100% and guaranteed satisfaction.

The Services By JaguarPC

Now this review is written with the purpose of giving you an honest opinion on the various web hosting services provided by the company. if you go through the different websites looking for a review on JaguarPC the chances are that you will come across different opinions which may confuse you if not help you.

Services Provided By The Company

The services provided by this service provider are absolutely unmatched in every single way. The company is becoming very popular for the fantastic services that they are offering. The services are a good mix of affordability, robust features and good customer support. These are features that are hard to find in one single service provider. The very basic plan is prices less than $5; which is great so people with a tight budget can afford the services of this company at any time. The customers also get strong technical support round the clock. The company also provides customized services to the customers for reasonable prices. This is another reason why the company has become so popular with the people.

Profile Of The Company

The company started out as a small organization about a decade ago but today the company has data centers located in UK, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta and in New Jersey. The company may have faced problems in its operations in the past but with a lot of hard work the company strives very hard to improve its services.

Customer Service Provided

Like any other service provider this company too has its shares of technical problems but the best part is the company makes a constant effort in trying to improve the quality of services on a daily basis. In fact the company conducts regular surveys to find out how they can serve their customers a little better. You can do some research on JaguarPC and look up things for yourself.

The Performance Of The Company

When it comes to the performance of the company; you must conduct a comparative study about the various services that are being provided by this company. the company also refunds money to those customers that are not satisfied with the services of the company. the company is known also to provide customized services to the customers depending on their needs and requirements.


The company has a very strong reputation in the company and the above mentioned points are sufficient to validate that. The company started out very small and with limited services but today the company has increased manifolds. The company has really worked on its image right from scratch. Today the company has become a household name. The company has been labeled as the service provider that has pioneered a change in the web hosting industry. The company has faced many problems in the past but the company has worked itself out of all the problems and provides better services to the customers. So follow the tips in the review and you will have no problems in hiring the services of the company.

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  • Gohighvoltage says:

    Hey Everyone. I know first hand how hard it is to decide on a hosting company. I originally started out with godaddy shared plan. Why not right? Godaddy seemed to be the biggest. It was a terrible mistake. After three years of constant frustration, and battling constant issues with Godaddy I decided to make a change.

    I spent countless hours looking for another hosting company. Choices were plenty but with so many opinions, reviews, pricing, specs, it was hard to know which one to go with, to trust.

    I contacted Jaguar. I explained my situation with them and needed advice. They were extremely helpful and explained since godaddy shared hosting didn`t use cpanel that the move would be difficult but they would assist and walk me through the process.

    Without exaggerating, Jaguarpc made this move seamless, and helped me through the process and got everything set up perfectly. I signed up with Jaguarpc 5 years ago, Hands down was the best choice I ever made. I started with a VPS with Jaguarpc and later upgraded to a Hybrid server. I can honestly say both of my servers with Jaguar has been ultra reliable and no issues at all. I have contacted support on several occasions with issues I ran into on my own, and they were totally awesome with getting the issues resolved. They are always there when you need advice and they are always actively involved in the forums. 24/7 support is working round the clock.

    Over the years I have gotten to know some of the customer support and tech support people, and they are all awesome, very personable and genuinely concerned with any issues you have. Does Jaguarpc have hiccups now and then, sure they do, just like the hundreds of other web hosting companies, but the only difference is that Jaguarpc makes things right, and they do care for their clients.

    I recommend Jaguarpc to everyone because I believe in this company and support them right back with good word of mouth. I also take the time to leave good reviews around the web. THis way others that are on the fence can have a good solid recommendation.

    My 5 year anniversary is coming up with Jaguarpc, and I wanted to extend a big Thank you to Jag and all of the customer/tech support team. You guys all Rock! Also, I wanted to extend a huge thank you and kudos to Greg. Greg you are a stand up guy and run a great company. You have the right people in place and all of you and your teams success shows every day.

    Finally, A tribute to a friend that was a great asset to Jag, Jim. I got to know Jim through Jaguarpc interactions. He was a great guy that has passed on. GOd Bless him, RIP my friend.

  • Kamy Kmy says:

    If you are looking for a reliable web host, then you must try the services of the company, as it is a trustworthy solution for hosting.

  • Stoia Gabriela says:

    Perfect cloud hosting solution of the company is just perfect. As its name suggest, it is working accordingly. It offers the following features which are also just perfect;
    * Isolated Environments
    * Services which are fully managed
    * Zero Overselling Policy
    * Backup of an enterprise
    * Operating system- Windows & Linux Platforms
    * Migration from one site to other and that assistance at free of cost
    I really like this company very much. It offers everything in just perfect manner and I am also Mr. Perfectionist like Amir Khan of bollywood so everything need in just perfect manner.

  • Beatrice Ioana says:

    The company is too good. Overall their reputation and performance is also great. The kind of services, support and plans containing features they offer are too good. I would like to continue it in future and so recommend the same to others also.

  • Diana Sorina says:

    I purchased the Dedicated solutions of the company starts from 109.00$ and I really like the features they offer;
    * 100% Uptime Guarantee
    * Remote Reboot at free of cost
    * 10X SLA Against Downtime
    * IPMI without any additional cost
    * 24 hrs support via chat, mail or phone
    * Cpanel
    * Plesk
    * Directadmin
    On the basis of these features, I have decided that I will continue my services with this company as I avail and enjoy the services of this company so much.

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