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IXwebhostingThere are many different hosting companies out there so it does beg the question of why you should consider IXwebhosting. There are many advantages to choosing IXwebhosting for your website and there are also disadvantages to choosing them. It is best to look at all aspects so that you can make a well informed decision about who hosts your website.

The most important thing about a hosting company is whether they are able to guarantee that your website is available to the public all the time. While this can be difficult to guarantee, IX is able to offer you 99.9 percent assurance that your website will be available even if you opt for shared hosting.

Furthermore, IXWebHosting provides a free 7 day trial without cost and once you are satisfied with their services then you can extend to another 23 days and continue the service. However, if you are not satisfied you can just cancel within 30 days and get the refund for the money paid without any hassle.

iXWebHosting Company Introduction

The IXwebhosting company was started back in the year 199 and from then has grown steadily all the while maintaining a place in the web hosting industry among the leading hosting companies. The company aims at providing dependable safe and affordable hosting services to people from all over the world. The company has its own data center, state of the art equipment. and well trained personnel which could be the reason for their continued success in the industry. The company's reputation precedes it and its performance is undoubtedly among the best there is available.

iXWebHosting Reputation

The hosting services that IXwebhosting services offer their clients are easy, affordable, speedy and dependable. This is how the company has maintained to keep its slot among the key leaders in the web hosting industry. The IXwebhosting company has been offering web hosting services to clients all over the world since 1999.

iXWebHosting Features

There are several features that the clients of iXWebHosting are entitled to, these include: unlimited disk space, bandwidth and unlimited domains. On top of that, users also have many easy to click installations at their disposal. Every client gets a free web site builder and one free domain registration at iXWebHosting. The best part of using iXWebHosting is the fact that  customers get a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% along with round the clock technical customer support.

On top of the above features, users are entitled to get two free Dedicated IP Address, along with  about 2048 MB of guaranteed memory for their use. More so, clients are not tied to use of the c Panel control panel but rather can choose between the c Panel and Plesk CP. iXWebHosting offers Linux based and windows based web hosting services to clients and has three basic hosting plans, the expert plan, the unlimited Pro and the Business Plus plan. All these plans are designed to ensure that clients can choose whichever hosting plan that best suits their needs.

iXWebHosting Performance

iXWebHosting employs the use of the best and state of the art technology which ensure that their clients get the best hosting services. The company more so offers clients, affordable, safe and reliable web hosting services. On top of that, iXWebHosting offers clients a guaranteed network up time of about 99.9%. The iXWebHosting company guarantees its clients e-mail support, e-mail services, reliable technology, e-commerce features, for buying and selling on line and great customer support services. The performance of iXWebHosting is without a doubt among the best in the web hosting industry thanks to their feature rich services and easy to use products which are brought about by the equipment and hardware they use.

iXWebHosting Performance Testing and Reliability

Customers of iXWebHosting are guaranteed a network up time of  99.9% throughout which ensures that their web sites are perfectly running. The cutting edge and state of the art technology equipment that the company uses ensures that the company's services are of the best quality. The company offers its users a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% which make sure that the clients' servers are always up and running.

iXWebHosting Reviews from real Customers and Support/Customer service

iXWebHosting goes a long way in ensuring that their customers get round the clock, 24/7 customer care from the company's technical team. This is to ensure that their clients do not get disappointed by their hosting services, and in case of any problem, customers are looked after over various platforms such as IM, telephone, live chat, Twitter, Skype or via e-mail.

Plan Specifications of IXWebHosting

Companies Features:
Up-time Guarantee: 99.9%
Marketing Credits:
Hosting Platform: Linux & Windows
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Backups: Weekly
Auto Backups:
Order Now: Visit Now
Products Offered:
Domain Registration: Yes
Dedicated IP: Yes
Cloud Server: No
Cloud Shared Hosting: Yes
Reseller Hosting: No
Shared Hosting: Yes
VPS Hosting: Yes
Dedicated Server: No
SSL Certificate: Yes
Web-mail: Yes
POP3: Yes
Maximum Emails Per Hours: 200/hr
Spam Filters: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Phone Support: Yes
Ticket System: Yes
Additional Support:
Language Support: PHP 5 | Perl | CGI/CGI-BIN |
Zend Optimizer | Zend
Extension Manager | GD Library
| Javascript/DHTML | RoR | SSI
| .htaccess Support
Databases Support: MySQL | PostgreSQL | Total
SQL Databases Quota |
phpPgAdmin Management
Tool | phpMyAdmin
Management Tool
Multimedia Support: Flash and Shockwave Support |
MIDI File Support | Streaming
Audio Support | Streaming
Video Support | Real Audio
and Video Support
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