Cheap Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Logo1With Control panel provided Virtual Private Server considered as Next-Generation Shared Hosting Solution. Using Virtualization, a hosting environment created, where root access granted. Hence, the client becomes a master of the server at an affordable price. A client well-versed with server-administration can make the most from the virtual machine's capabilities. But, if non-technical, control panels like cPanel or Plesk user-interface is very helpful.

Unmanaged Linux VPS is an open platform for all users. What does this mean? Users have complete control over everything that is uploaded onto a server. This, in turn, means that users won’t get any support from hosting providers. This can be a good situation since users will have all administrative powers when it comes to unmanaged Linux VPS hosting.

Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting

After initial setup, everything would be your responsibility, the host would take care of network and hardware related problems.

You would handle Server maintenance, OS updates, software installations, and backups. Also managing resource usage, configuration and performance issues.

In other words, its client responsibility for every hosting and server issue. Then you might be wondering what is the benefit of having Unmanaged VPS hosting? Why not choose Managed Linux VPS Hosting?

Advantages of Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting over Managed

  • Cost Saving – The provider charges extra for management.
  • As an administrator, only you have access to the system. Hence, nobody else can access the information, files or database.
  • Manage Linux VPS hosting resources like bandwidth, storage space, and memory usage. Customize them as per needs.
  • Choice of software and security enhancements. Ananova suggests installing cPanel control panel, ConfigServer, Kernelcare, and CageFS.

Best Linux VPS Hosting Providers

Security – Linux VPS Hosting

  • Strong Passwords: A mix of Lowercase-Uppercase letters with Numbers and special characters which nobody can assume. Password strength must be greater than 15 characters. The cPanel users must use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) an improved security measure that requires two forms of identification – password and a generated security code.
  • Install Firewall: Ananova suggests Free ConfigServer Firewall (CSF). It provides the easy-to-manage interface for firewall setting.
  • Setup Anti-virus engine ClamAV: Freely available as cPanel plugin. It's open-source solution for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. It sends the scanned reports to an email address provided.
  • Regular backups: To avoid a risk of losing data through accidental deletion or any other activity. The cPanel provides a complete backup module to save the backups are remote location or same server or download on local PC.
  • Update System Software and Software: In cPanel Software -> System Update and Update Server Software. Also, rebuild Easy Apache for latest updates.
    It fixes bugs and critical vulnerability patches. Use Kernelcare for automatic updates without a reboot.Depending on particular OS, use:

    yum-cron (for CentOS)
    unattended upgrades (for Debian and Ubuntu)
    dnf-automatic (Fedora)
  • Monitor the Services installed on System.
  • Change the default SSH port: Log in to the system with root user and then provide the following command:
    vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    Locate the following line: # Port 22
    Remove # and replace 22 with another port number
    Restart the sshd service by running the following command:

    service sshd restart

Ready to go forward with cheap unmanaged Linux VPS hosting providers? Here are the best in the business:

1. VPSLink VPS hosting: VPSLink is a subsidiary firm of Spry. This company received a top web host award in 2013 for their reliable and affordable VPS services. VPSLink offers 5 Linux operating system support on VPS, and they also allow you to reinstall any operating system in your VPS.

2. HostNine VPS hosting: this company has been operational for more than 7 years. Some benefits of signing up with HostNine include excellent customer service and ideal reseller central hosting.

3. LunarPages VPS hosting: you can sign up for a free account initially with LunarPages. Since the company is geared towards customer benefits, LunarPages has earned the title of ‘Best Plesk Windows VPS.’

4. HostV VPS hosting: this is a great solution for VPS hosting, hybrid hosting, and dedicated hosting. In 2013, HostV was awarded ‘Best Hybrid VPS.’ This company offers VPS hosting as well as managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting with affordable prices and great support.

5. Cool Handle VPS hosting: Cool Handle VPS hosting has a reputation for being entirely customer oriented with friendly and helpful IT support. Packages are also slightly lower than most other competitors, so it will pay to check out what Coole Handle VPS has to offer if you are shopping for this type of host.

Want That Madison Ave. Office Space? Move To The Cloud!

Move To The Cloud

Commercial leasing is expensive. Especially if you happen to live in a large city. But, you can have your cake and eat it too thanks to the cloud. You can also have your shared hosting, Linux hosting, and any other kind of hosting by moving to the cloud. But, what does any of this have to do with office space?

madmen Move To The CloudAn Interesting Overlap

You might know that cloud hosting can cut back on IT costs. Did you know that it cuts back on needed office space as well? A new survey just released by Rackspace hosting shows that companies making the move to the cloud can get rid of extra employees — no, not fire them, just get rid of them. This, in turn, means cutting back on office space.

Cloud computing also offers employees more commuting flexibility. When everything is stored in the cloud, there's no need to go to an office every day. As long as files and documents can be accessed via the cloud, that's all that's really necessary. So, cutting back on office space while also cutting back salaried jobs saves companies just like yours a bundle.

Move To The Cloud: Types of Cloud Hosting

One of the biggest cloud misconceptions is that the cloud doesn't offer regular types of hosting like Linux hosting or shared hosting. But, this isn't the case. Sure, it's best to explore what different cloud companies offer before you switch, but this switch is entirely possible — and beneficial.

You can also connect employees to your office happenings at all times things to devices like cellphones and tablets. Many companies are also setting up employee cloud programs, so that employees can be connected at all times. Just think of the possibilities!

“There is no doubt that cloud computing is enabling a more flexible workplace using a range of devices,” Dr. Brian Nicholson of Manchester Business School told press in a recent statement. Devices like smartphones and tablets — devices that staff members are looking for “… in the workplace.”

Move To The Cloud: As Attached As We Are

We are all attached to one device or another, so why not a device that connects us to work as well? Why not a mobile cloud-based office? Why not rent office space for a lot less employees, and go cloud all the way? Want that high priced office space on Madison Avenue?

You can have it — if you move your office to the cloud. Heck, you can be Don Draper in a smaller office space if you send some of your employees home to work. Don't worry, they'll still be connected through the cloud! Have you gone cloud yet?

UNIX VS. Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting

Website hosting companies often ask clients to choose between UNIX/ Linux, or Windows hosting. What the heck is the difference? We'll get to that in a minute. But, first, know that you should choose an operating system based on two basic criteria: 1) the language that your website is written in and 2) which database you have decided to use.

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting: Databases and Languages

Linux Windows Web Hosting

Typically, a MYSQL database will work best with a UNIX operating system. Deductively, MS Access or MS SQL databases pair nicely with Windows operating systems. Most purchased management systems only work with a specific operating system, so keep this in mind when choosing between UNIX and Windows web hosting.

Similarly, if you've written a website in CGI, PHP, or Perl, you'll want to go with a UNIX OS. Server, Silverlight, Frontpage, .asp (Active Server Pages), and Visual Basic Script files are all Windows compatible. Got a Java site? You are in luck! Java runs and cooperates with both options. Now that those specifics are cleared up, let's talk software options.

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting: Web Hosting Software Options

Almost all web hosting companies offer various software packages. These pre-installed software packages can make or break a site, and can determine which OS you intend to use. Look through the list of software that a company is willing to provide, and check out the feature and customization options. This is especially true when it comes to e-commerce site setups.

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting: The E-Commerce Site Difference

Planning on setting up an e-commerce site? Make sure to look at software packages before choosing a web hosting platform. Why? All e-commerce sites are built with a specific platform in mind, and the software you choose will be the real crux of your online business. My advice is to carefully look through what each company is offering before settling.

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting: What About Linux Options

Where there's UNIX, there's often Linux. In past years, Linux had a difficult reputation. This was an OS that was often used by developers and those within the tech world alone. But, times have changed. Today, Linux is really comparable to Windows (if not better), and most hosting companies will provide you with a control panel.

Is one better than the other? Not really; though some companies may offer Linux at a lower rate (simply because it is an open-sourced program). Then again, most companies are looking to make a buck, so, Linux or not, you may wind up paying the same price. There is just one difference, though: Linux tends to go through less downtime.

Many of the things that Windows has to do to update can be done with Linux without a reboot. This results in less downtime for your site. So, this point may be something to consider before choosing one over the other. Now what should you do? Linux/UNIX, or Windows hosting ?

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting: Take A Good Look

Language and databases aside, take a look at what hosting companies are offering. Ask how user-friendly each operating system is, and whether or not it will work with your current website. In most cases, hosting companies offer packages that were designed for user-ease, but it's still worth double-checking.

Top Linux Hosting Providers

The Best Linux Web Hosting Companies

Top Linux Hosting providers for both Business and Personal websites with great reliability, stability, control panel & cost effective.

price guarantee uptime-guarantee Linux Hosting Providers

After reviewed hundreds of different Linux web hosts and here we'd like to recommend the 10 of best Linux hosting providers in 2017 year for you to check further. The top 10 Linux Hosting lists are coming from our own independent reviews and we do have a very strict level to define a best web host on our website.

Find More Linux Hosting Providers On Sitegeek >>

Linux Hosting ProvidersWeb Hosting is a provider which helps to access website of organizations via World Wide Web. Web hosts are those companies which provide space on a server for use by clients as well as these companies are providing internet connectivity. Web hosting companies has scope of provide and maintenance of web page and file hosting where these files can be upload and download via using of FTP and ISP. Since 1991, internet is flourishing tremendously and cheap then Web Hosting providers are responsible for this development.

For this purpose LINUX operating system has been used very frequently. Linux is the upgrade version of UNIX and released in 1991. This system makes revolution in that current time internet service providers. Linux was developed for Intel based personal computer. It is a leading operating system. By the expansion in technology and as per need of customer, it was upgraded and now it is mostly used in embedded system like network routers, mobiles, tablets etc. Mostly Linux kernel is used in Android. Recently upgraded version of LINUX is RED HOT LINUX. Linux web hosting company is a web hosting ran by servers with Linux installed. Linux is open source and it supports a wide range of languages, software, applications and databases. Linux platform is very flexible and you can customize any software to suit your server needs.

There are 2 types of Linux hosting.

  1. Personal class hosting
  2. Business class hosting

In Business class hosting the number of users on each server is less and in the personal class hosting the number of users on each server is more than Business class hosting.

Linux Hosting Providers: FatCow Hosting

FatCow Hosting Company laid its foundation stone in the year 1998. They promise to deliver high quality products in very affordable prices and provide best services in the process. FatCow is the largest hosting provider for secure websites. You get access to the basic items in the starter package. You have to pay for each and everything you avail. Fatcow supports almost all programming languages like CGI (python and Ruby), PERL, PHP 4&5, MySQL databases (unlimited) and many more to go with. Many unlimited add-ons are available in the packages provided like unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, mailboxes, ShopSite’s online store to make it a perfect and reliable choice for a customer.

Linux Hosting Providers: iPage Hosting

iPage has been providing web hosting solutions to thousands of business and web sites since 1998. It gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and Email addresses. iPage gives you 30 days money back guarantee if your problem will not resolved without asking you any questions. It’s very easy to use and reliable to trust upon for your business. Every month they launch services to get feedback from customers and make themselves a better choice for customers. They also give you an eco friendly website to work upon and be helpful towards mother earth.

Linux Hosting Providers: GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks has been serving round the globe for over 40 years with their excellent high quality web hosting. It is located in California. They even give you efficient quality of bandwidth with eco friendly green hosting also. They give you complete solution to construct your website easily and even to use and promote it and make profit out of it. GreenGeeks has also received many recognition awards for its outstanding performance. GreenGeeks data centers include certified SAS 70 Type 1, dual – city grid power feeds and is even managed by SingleHop Data center technicians. GreenGeeks use all robust energy sufficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xenon processors. Server uptime for GreenGeeks is of great importance. They even give customer support 24*7*365 via phones, chats and Emails. It proves a choice for people looking for cheap and best hosting websites. It will charge $4.95/month.

Linux Hosting Providers: JustHost

JustHost is a company offering each and everything necessary for your website with outstanding results and making site maintenance extremely fast. SFTP is not available but FTP access is supported, which provides good security. Company’s technical qualities included in the packages are PHP 5, MySQL 5 database server, PERL 5, python, ruby, CGI library, javaScript support, DHTML support and many more things. This company will provide you unlimited disk space with unlimited domain hosting. For the cherry on cake you have Joomla, Moodle, Tikiwiki, Drupal etc.This company is good for business.

Linux Hosting Providers: SuperGreen Hosting

SuperGreen hosting company was founded by a team of brilliant web developers and graphic designers of It focuses on the products related to customer satisfaction and requirement. This company has strong belief in supporting local and small businesses. This company offers 24*7 live supports with chat facility itself. It also insures your money with packages worth to spend on and money back facility if not satisfied. It also filters spam and viruses. It includes unlimited Email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimitedhosting space, unlimited domain and unlimited FTP accounts. This company is having free access to Joomla, wordpress, SimpleScripts and many other things besides that it is an environmentally friendly hosting given.

Linux Hosting Providers: Bluehost

Bluehost bas been in this business since 1996 and this company provide only Linux based web hosting. It provides fast and reliable server and free domain for doing work and it gives 24*7*365 US- based superior support. It will provide you unlimited FTP and Email accounts. Bluehost supports programming languages such as CGI library, PHP 5, Perl 5, python, Roby/ruby on rails, JAVA script/DHTML/Flash/Shockwave. It will provide you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Bluehost will charge you $4.95/month. This company is having high status in E- commerce field.

Linux Hosting Providers: iXWebHosting

IXWebhosting was established in 1999 with the promise of growing with customers. They have approximate customers of around 1 million round the globe making them the leaders. They offer convenient domain packages and features world best hosting services in the world. iXwebhosting promises to give best services all that you need in your budget and price. They also support the issue if you are not satisfied money back guarantee. iXwebhosting combine highly efficient web servers with the versatile performance of routers. Their main motto is complete customer satisfaction. Here you may avail unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain, cloud servers, virtual private servers (VPS), 2 free dedicated IP addresses and complete root access are available.

Linux Hosting Providers: Startlogic

Startlogic assures you with their plans, pricing, reliability and customer services. It proofs a good choice for a website or for a business. They also offer cloud servers for those with greater needs. Startlogic provides an outstanding reliability and performance of server. They even give so much customer support for all technical issues via toll free phones, Live chats and Emails. It helps you to protect your website from malicious threats and to be safe. They offer three packages-

  • Personal logic
  • Pro Logic
  • Windows Logic

Linux Hosting Providers: WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad Company is one of the established hosting companies of world. The plans and packages are perfect and are designed for all shapes and sizes of websites. It promises a powerful and flexible web hosting without limits including free website transfer. Designing and managing a website under WebHostingPad’s is supervision makes it easy beneficial by the team through advanced web hosting control panel. RAID protected servers, CloudFare and SSD database storage is also given to help.

It gives well back up services. Access to the FTP accounts is also offered. It even offers Joomla, Drupal, roundcube, ZenCart, magento and WordPress too in the package. WebHostinPad is based on Linux, so support for PHP 4 and 5, Perl and python is also given.

Thanks and all the best for choosing your hosting company ( Linux Hosting Providers)!

Hope we helped you in that.