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Linux VPS Logo1With Control panel provided Virtual Private Server considered as Next-Generation Shared Hosting Solution. Using Virtualisation, a hosting environment created, where root access granted. Hence, the client becomes a master of the server at an affordable price. A client well-versed with server-administration can make the most from the virtual machine's capabilities. But, if non-technical, control panels like cPanel or Plesk user-interface is very helpful.

Unmanaged Linux VPS is an open platform for all users. What does this mean? Users have complete control over everything that is uploaded onto a server. This, in turn, means that users won’t get any support from hosting providers. This can be a good situation since users will have all administrative powers when it comes to unmanaged Linux VPS hosting.

Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting

After initial setup, everything would be your responsibility, the host would take care of network and hardware related problems.

You would handle Server maintenance, OS updates, software installations, and backups. Also managing resource usage, configuration and performance issues.

In other words, its client responsibility for every hosting and server issue. Then you might be wondering what is the benefit of having Unmanaged VPS hosting? Why not choose Managed Linux VPS Hosting?

Advantages of Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting over Managed

  • Cost Saving – The provider charges extra for management.
  • As an administrator, only you have access to the system. Hence, nobody else can access the information, files or database.
  • Manage Linux VPS hosting resources like bandwidth, storage space, and memory usage. Customize them as per needs.
  • Choice of software and security enhancements. Ananova suggests installing cPanel control panel, ConfigServer, Kernelcare, and CageFS.

Security – Linux VPS Hosting

  • Strong Passwords: A mix of Lowercase-Uppercase letters with Numbers and special characters which nobody can assume. Password strength must be greater than 15 characters. The cPanel users must use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) an improved security measure that requires two forms of identification – password and a generated security code.
  • Install FirewallAnanova suggests Free ConfigServer Firewall (CSF). It provides the easy-to-manage interface for firewall setting.
  • Setup Anti-virus engine ClamAV: Freely available as cPanel plugin. It's open-source solution for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. It sends the scanned reports to an email address provided.
  • Regular backups: To avoid a risk of losing data through accidental deletion or any other activity. The cPanel provides a complete backup module to save the backups are remote location or same server or download on local PC.
  • Update System Software and Software: In cPanel Software -> System Update and Update Server Software. Also, rebuild Easy Apache for latest updates.
    It fixes bugs and critical vulnerability patches. Use Kernelcare for automatic updates without a reboot.Depending on particular OS, use:

    yum-cron (for CentOS)
    unattended upgrades (for Debian and Ubuntu)
    dnf-automatic (Fedora)
  • Monitor the Services installed on System.
  • Change the default SSH port: Log in to the system with root user and then provide the following command:
    vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    Locate the following line: # Port 22
    Remove # and replace 22 with another port number
    Restart the sshd service by running the following command:

    service sshd restart

Ready to go forward with cheap unmanaged Linux VPS hosting providers? Here are the best in the business:

1. VPSLink VPS hosting: VPSLink is a subsidiary firm of Spry. This company received a top web host award in 2013 for their reliable and affordable VPS services. VPSLink offers 5 Linux operating system support on VPS, and they also allow you to reinstall any operating system in your VPS.

2. HostNine VPS hosting: this company has been operational for more than 7 years. Some benefits of signing up with HostNine include excellent customer service and ideal reseller central hosting.

3. LunarPages VPS hosting: you can sign up for a free account initially with LunarPages. Since the company is geared towards customer benefits, LunarPages has earned the title of ‘Best Plesk Windows VPS.’

4. HostV VPS hosting: this is a great solution for VPS hosting, hybrid hosting, and dedicated hosting. In 2013, HostV was awarded ‘Best Hybrid VPS.’ This company offers VPS hosting as well as managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting with affordable prices and great support.

5. Cool Handle VPS hosting: Cool Handle VPS hosting has a reputation for being entirely customer oriented with friendly and helpful IT support. Packages are also slightly lower than most other competitors, so it will pay to check out what Coole Handle VPS has to offer if you are shopping for this type of host.

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