U.S. Government to Offer Cyber-Security Incentives

Cyber-Security Incentives Yesterday, I brought you the story of growing startups and tech in Africa, and the cyber-security issue that those companies face when it comes to eCommerce. Namely, there are no cyber-security laws in place in most parts of Africa. This fact puts a lot of would-be online shoppers on edge. In the U.S.,… Read More

What’s Happening With the Obamacare Site? Updates.

Obamacare Site: Updates We recently reported on the mess that people attempting to access the Obamacare website experienced when the site was first launched. Now that the site is back up and running again, things are still not where they should be. What’s happening and how long will it take for the hosting company behind… Read More

US Navy Cuts Back With Cheap Hosting Cloud Options

Cheap Hosting Cloud Options Currently, the U.S. Navy is facing a $2 billion budget cut over the next five years. In order to keep thing running smoothly, the Navy has to find ways to cut back without resorting to drastic measures. One way that the Navy has found to reduce spending is by cutting back… Read More