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Currently, the U.S. Navy is facing a $2 billion budget cut over the next five years. In order to keep thing running smoothly, the Navy has to find ways to cut back without resorting to drastic measures. One way that the Navy has found to reduce spending is by cutting back the amount of money spent on IT by looking into some cheap hosting options.

Cheap Hosting and Other Cutback Options

Cheap Hosting Cloud OptionsThe Navy has 14000 different IT systems. That means that these systems need to be cut back by 50%. It also means that no cuts can directly impact the way that the Navy protects the nation. What can be done? For one, the Navy can turn to cloud computing.

Today, the Navy released the ‘Department of the Navy Approach to Cloud Computing' memo. This memo states that the Navy is moving forward with cloud computing options. The memo also states that these options are within the government's security requirements. So, there's no need to worry about government information being leaked online. Or is there?

Cheap Hosting Cloud Options: Danger, Danger?

The Navy's move towards cloud computing proves two things. 1) that the Navy isn't afraid to save money by moving to the cloud, so companies might want to take that big scary leap. 2). The Navy is taking a slight risk here.

The Navy is joining a long line of companies and other organizations that are cutting costs by moving things to the cloud. This means that jobs will be cut. But, it also means that the Navy might be able to reach that planned budget without sacrificing elsewhere. It's far better to cut where IT is concerned than to cut actual forces, right?

Considering a Cloud Move?

If you're apprehensive about moving your company to the cloud, this recent memo issued by the Navy should help. The government trusts cloud computing and so should you. Granted, you will have to pick a secure cloud provider. You can bet that the Navy will be seeking out seriously secure providers, so keep this in mind.

It's encouraging to see the Navy moving in the cloud direction. It's not every day that the government embraces new technology, or older technology that most companies are afraid to embrace! Cloud computing is well on its way where the Navy is concerned. Your company can save a ton of money by choosing this option too. Want to cut back on spending? Turn to the cloud — or just follow in the Navy's secure footsteps.

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