Site Has Been Shut Down

You woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of your favorite beverage, and sat down at your desk to check out your website. But, your site isn't there. And, you have a message from your hosting company waiting for you. What do you do?

Site Has Been Shut Down: Find Out Why

new ways Site Has Been Shut DownHosting companies can't shut down a site for no reason. Your hosting company has to notify you of a shut-down for legal reasons. Read through the text carefully. What are the reasons listed for a shut down? More often than not, website are knocked off the Internet for copyright infringement. If this is the case, you'll need to figure out what you've done to infringe.

Hosting companies comply with the copyright laws by simply taking down a site. Even if it's just a fraction of your site that is in question, it's simpler for your hosting company to remove your site completely. This covers your hosting company's legal obligation. At this point, it's up to you to figure out where you've gone wrong.

Site Has Been Shut Down: Are You Infringing?

It is possible that you've done nothing wrong. Ask your host for a complete list of the accusations against you. Then, conduct a bit of research to see whether or not you have actually broken a copyright law or two. If you haven't, prove that you have done nothing wrong, and ask t be reinstated.

If you have done something wrong, you probably did it by accident. Simply remove the portion of your site that is causing the problem, and ask your host to place your site back online. Unless, of course, your site is the actual problem.

Site Has Been Shut Down: Did You Violate A Rule?

Hosting companies don't usually allow spam sites or pornography sites. Did you build one of these types of sites? This could be the reason why your site has been shut down. Alternately, your site might have been removed if you sent out thousands of spam emails last night. All those people you spammed? They won't be too happy with you today, and some of them may have complained.

Site Has Been Shut Down: Why A Host Won't Defend You

Think about it. You pay around $20 per month for your site, right? Let's multiply that number by 12. The result is around $240 per year. If someone complains that your site is infringing or violating some law, your hosting company isn't going to go to court for you over $240.

The only obligation that your hosting company has to you is to provide a place for you to host your site. If your site violates any rules or laws, your hosting company will find it much simpler just to shut your site down. Hitting the switch on a site is way easier than picking through a site page by page.

You built the site, you have to fix it. Once it's fixed, your host will be more than happy to reinstate your site and collect monthly earnings from you once again.


  • johnny depp says:

    Copyright holders can send a notice to alleged infringers through the ISP that contains allegedly infringing material. Once ISP receives notice, then it must forward this notice to party who is allegedly infringing copyright. Copyright holder would get a notice from ISP for confirming that message was sent to infringer. Some of copyright may be happy for this “notice and notice” approach while some said that approach could take step further. Once ISP gets a notice of alleged infringement, it must take down or block access to the material. However some have critiqued the US “notice and take-down” and claim it results in the over-blocking or removals of non-infringing content.

  • Rony Backsmith says:

    New cartoon HD website went offline. Its streaming video service has closed by authorities. Many assumption has made after this failure of website like may be a technical error or down for routine maintenance. As users were receiving “502 bad gateway” error code while writing every page. Generally it is server side issue. Some users could wonder why Cartoon HD developers have chosen the .is domain while .com is already available. May be it could be a reason that .is is the TLD for Iceland and it has slightly less stringent copyright laws than most other European countries.

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