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If you were around the Internet this weekend, you probably heard all about Yahoo's proposed acquisition of Tumblr. Tumblr's fans all across the globe are up in arms about this potential billion dollar deal. The whole thing is interesting — but what's even more interesting is the story that this story has uncovered (a story within a story, if you will). supermarket Tumblr

It all stems from this question: why are Tumblr users so mad about the possible Yahoo purchase deal? It has to do with porn, adult hosting, and explicit materials. Wait, what? What do Tumblr and adult hosting have to do with one another? A whole lot.

Hosting Ethics

You see, Tumblr is a little lax when it comes to ethics. The site rules basically state that anything goes. That's why hundreds of Tumblr's accounts are of the X-rated sort. There's just one thing that it doesn't allow: pornographic videos. Why? Hosting these videos is just too expensive. When you consider the number of hits that a free X-rated video might get, it's easy to understand why it doesn't let people get away with posting videos.

Tumblr users are afraid that Yahoo will make posting questionable content more difficult. This, in turn, could lead to lots of problems with accounts. Yahoo might shut down a few X-rated Tumblr blogs, and this wouldn't go over well with frequent users. Some might even be forced to set up cheap hosting sites to host that questionable material. Then again, making things around the Tumbler sphere tough wouldn't be within Yahoo's best interests.

What Yahoo Wants With Tumblr

Yahoo is all about advertising at this point. Tumblr is home to a very young audience that spends lots of money. So, Yahoo wants to target that audience. The whole thing is simple enough. It also means that Yahoo probably won't be messing around with Tumblr too much. Then again, a company's reputation is at stake.

Yahoo is known to be a more conservative brand, so letting people post adult content on Tumblr might not fit with this brand. Yahoo is set to hold a press conference today, so all of this will be cleared up soon enough. The question remains, though: will Yahoo get rid of Tumblr porn posts?

If you use it, are you afraid of what Yahoo might do? Sound off!

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