Amazing YouTube Stats

Today is YouTube's 8th birthday! For eight years, YouTube has been making people happy by allowing the upload of videos of all kinds. To mark this momentous occasion, YouTube has posted some really interesting stats in addition to giving the world a glimpse of the company's web hosting data centres.Amazing YouTube Stats

How Many Videos Uploaded Every Hour?!

Here's a crazy fact: YouTube users upload 100 hours of video to the site every hour. That's right, every hour! That breaks down to 6,000 hours of video every hour. Six-thousand hours! Daily, that's 144,000 hours of video! If you can't find something entertaining to watch on YouTube, there's something wrong. Or, maybe you just aren't into cat videos. The point is that YouTube is still super popular.

Where the heck does the company store all of that information? We never think about where a company like YouTube puts all of those videos, but they do have to be stored somewhere. Google (the company that owns YouTube) is one of the most powerful servers in the entire universe. The whole thing is a mash of colours and wires and lots and lots of metal. It's a gigantic beast, and you can see that beast if you Google “Google Data Center.”

Amazing YouTube Stats: Around the World

Google also has data centres located around the globe. In nearly every country, Google is represented. The company is huge and the data centres that Google operates are even more massive. Imagine all of that data! If you've been reading the articles on our site, you know that a company like Google has to have a dedicated server. Otherwise, it would just be too crazy!

While sites like Tumblr don't allow people to post videos for fear of too many hits, Google wants people to post videos on YouTube. Heck, that's what YouTube is for. So, the next time you go to post a video on YouTube or check out what YouTube already has to offer, you can think about all of those videos that people all over the globe are posting — six-thousand videos every single hour! What will you post next?!

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