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Most of us don't think about email accounts until something happens. I'm betting ‘Sex and the City' author, Candace Bushnell, wasn't worried about sending the first 50 pages of her new manuscript to her publisher until her email accounts were hacked. The first half of the new book ‘Killing Monica' was leaked online thanks to a hacker that goes by the name ‘Guccifer.' show banner Email Accounts Hacked

Most companies that offer email services do so through cloud hosting. These companies either have their own dedicated servers or use a cheap hosting with domain company to keep things running smoothly. But, what happens when email accounts are hacked? Is there anything that you can do? Can you blame your email service provider or the cheap hosting with domain company behind it?

Email Accounts Hacked: What Can Be Done

There's not much that Bushnell can do right now. Her manuscript has been leaked, thousands have seen the leaked pages, and she has no idea (as confirmed in a statement) how the pages were leaked. She just has to sit back and ride it out, which is exactly what she did when she told her Twitter followers where they could find the manuscript.

What can you do? I'm afraid that you are as helpless as Bushnell is. When your email account has been hacked, you can sit back and ride it out. You can also change your password, or finally set up that two-step verification process you've been meaning to get to. Can you blame the cheap hosting company that's behind an email provider?

Email Accounts Hacked: Taking Care of Business

You can't really blame a hosting company. Most of the time, hacks happen because people are not careful about setting up passwords or not sharing personal information via email. Hackers that want to hack into an account can do so quite easily. Bushnell won't get paid for the leaked bit of her manuscript.

On the plus side, she might have enticed some readers that didn't know she was writing another book. This is a good lesson to everyone out there, though. It's important — or vital — to make sure that your email password is tighter than the seals on a submarine. It's also a good idea to change your password regularly.

Where can you find the leaked manuscript? Check out this link (if it's not working, the site has been taken down). Are you a Bushnell fan? What do you think about these hacks?

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