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Ever since the whole NSA thing happened, Internet users have been trying to find ways to prevent online tracking. But that's really kind of silly. You see, we are linked – no, chained – to the cloud at every turn. From Gmail to social media platforms, the cloud is really everywhere. Cloud Tracking

This is especially true if you use services like Dropbox. Or, if any one of your healthcare providers currently stores private data in cloud-form (more likely than not). Your data is out there, it's available, and it can be easily seen by government eyes. Is there anything that you can do to prevent cloud tracking? Or, is the situation completely hopeless?

Here are some ways to start keeping a lower profile when you're online.

1. Change your email provider. If you use a desktop email client like Apple Mail, you won't be storing all of your private messages online. You can also encrypt all of your messages if you want to go the extra mile. Using a desktop email provider will work just as well as using a cloud-based provider, and you can control what information is seen.

2. Process words offline. A lot of writers use cloud-based services like Draft to write documents. These services are even used by company secretaries and employees, but the danger with using any kind of cloud-based processor is that anyone willing can take a peek at what you're writing. Use a traditional word processor instead (like Microsoft Word).

3. Stop banking online. I know, checking your bank account and setting up payments is so much simpler online. But, once again, all of these services are cloud-based. Want to stop government officials from hacking into your bank account? Bank offline. Yes; that means going back to paper banking.

4. Send letters. When was the last time you wrote or sent a letter? I'm betting that it was years ago, right? Well, letter writing might be a dying craft, but it's also a great way to stop anyone from intercepting what you're writing. Take to a pen and a piece of paper to write your next note!

Avoid Cloud Tracking: Shedding the Cloud Is Possible

Getting rid of all cloud traces is possible, but is it necessary? How often does any government look at your data? It's hard to tell, but you can follow the steps above to ensure that your data will be protected from Big Brother, Uncle Sam, or any other name you want to give to those checking up on you!

Photo Courtesy of The Electronic Frontier Foundation Via Flickr Creative Commons.

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