92% of Businesses Won't Go Cloud

cloud host 92% of Businesses Won't Go Cloud

Here's a statistic that you might not have known about: 92% of IT decision makers won't move to the cloud. Why? They are worried, and super worried, about security. More specifically, about security threats. Is this fear sound? Is there any reason for people to avoid the cloud based on fear? Does it matter if you aim for shared hosting over dedicated hosting? Is one more secure than the other?

The Survey: 92% of Businesses Won't Go Cloud

PEER 1 web hosting surveyed 120 different IT professionals. 92% of those professionals felt that the cloud was unstable and unsafe. Thus, those professionals would not recommend movement to the cloud for any of their clients. This didn't meant that those IT professionals shunned the cloud altogether, though.

Most of the professionals surveyed opted for a cloud hybrid solution. These people found that using the cloud in addition to using other servers was the way to go. Interestingly, though, IT professionals (while still professionals at the top of their game) rarely associate using the cloud for business with using the cloud on a regular basis.

Everyday Cloud Programs: 92% of Businesses Won't Go Cloud

Skeptical about moving to the cloud 100%? You may be shocked to learn that you already use the cloud. Gmail, Dropbox, and many other programs are cloud-based, so why so scared to move to the cloud for other reasons? The problem here is with the cloud industry.

It's the responsibility of the cloud industry to prove to the greater public, and the IT world, that the cloud is safe. This isn't an area that the industry has been focusing on, and this could be one very good reason why the cloud has such a bad reputation. There is safety in the cloud – you use it every day.

This message just needs to be communicated better. Want more cloud options? Check out some of our articles about the best cloud hosting options. Got questions about cloud safety? We're happy to answer those for you too.

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