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Youtube Perfect Website Marketing ToolYou've explored numerous avenues to more effectively market your cheap hosting website. But have you considered making a video? Even if you aren't a pro videographer, you can make a valuable video designed to attract more traffic to your website!

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide? That's right, people turn to YouTube for more than just the latest funny video circulating the Internet or parody videos. There are how-to videos, new product release videos, and loads more. So how can you put the power of YouTube to work for your cheap hosting website?

Before You Start

Planning is key to your campaign's success. You want to sit down and write out a script of sorts, as well as a clear plan and strategy to achieve the goal of your video. Don't just sit down and start filming: really take the time to think about what your customers will find valuable, and deliver it in a clear, easy-to-understand way that still holds their interest.

Perfect Website Marketing Tool: Components of Effective YouTube Video

1. Grab Their Attention : You want the title to be as effective as a catchy headline on a blog post. You want people to see that title and think, “I know exactly what this is about, and I am interested in taking a look to see what it is all about.” Furthermore, you want to cut to the chase and be as quick as humanly possible. Don't bother introducing yourself, people don't really care. Get right into the heart of the matter. You want your viewers to know what the video is going to deal with by six to eight seconds in. Don't make it like a commercial, viewers don't want this. They want valuable content and don't want to spend half a day watching your video to get to the good stuff. If you catch their attention right off the bat and deliver thorough yet concise content, you're successfully connecting with your customers.

2. Professional Effects : While you don't want to bore people with commercials, there are still ways to get your brand logo and information about new products in there. For example, you work for a company that manufactures tools for artists. You can start up a YouTube channel devoted to your brand that offers weekly shows that showcase a specific product you carry, like paintbrushes one week, acrylics the next. You can start each show with the same Intro Bumper, which is easy to create utilizing various software programs like Video scribe[dot]TV or Video Hive[dot]net. You turn a template into a commercial of sorts, one that you include standard in all of your videos. This helps become even more professional in the customers eyes, raising your legitimacy, and increasing viewers.

3. It's All About The Content! You need to get through this as quickly as possible since attention spans are short. Communicate to viewers why your video is important and what they can do after they've watched your video. Include tips and tricks, something entertaining, or instructions — whatever makes sense for the subject. The key is sticking to the topic! Discuss something exciting you plan to show them at the end, a new product coming out, or something special, a teaser of sorts. This will keep the viewer watching! The end should be what is called a “call to action.” There is something that they need to do, and you need to stress the importance of doing it, such as buying a new product while it is being offered for a discount. Don't forget to thank them for watching!

Don't forget to link up your YouTube channel on your blog, website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Utilize keywords in the video's description for SEO. And above all, have fun with it!

Do you have a YouTube channel for your cheap hosting website?

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