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hello-wordpress Online Training SiteYou are building an online training site for your employees on new software they'll have to work with. Where do you begin, and how do you do it easily? Rely on WordPress and a plugin called WP Courseware!

Many people are relying on a WordPress cheap hosting site for their online training courses. It's simple to build, and simple to use. Before the plugin, other software was difficult to configure despite how powerful it was. Let's take a look at WP Courseware and see why it's the best choice.

WordPress For Online Training Site: Capabilities

Want to break your course into smaller modules? You are able to do this, organizing as many lessons as you want into their own separate modules, turning them into separate courses. Creating different courses for different departments in your organization for online training site? WP Courseware gives you the power to set up controls regarding who has access to certain lessons, so you don't have someone in the accounting department taking a human resources quiz!

Want to test the knowledge of your employees at some point within the courses? Make a quiz or survey wherever you want in your lessons. You can either test their knowledge or get their feedback, or you can set it up so that if they don't pass the quiz, they can't progress to the next lesson.

If you want to know when one of your employees or students passes on to the next lesson, you can set up email notifications. This email notification can be set up for a variety of events! It also features powerful progress tracking features!

WordPress For Online Training Site: Setup

First off, you can turn to the Wishlist Member plugin, a membership plugin, so that you assure the right people are taking the courses. Each course is set up like a custom post, and adding training units is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the order you want. You can even move the units around between modules!

When setting up your quizzes, a window pops up. You'll give it a name and brief description, and then choose the type of quiz: survey mode, where there are no right or wrong answers and information is collected from the user; quiz mode – blocking, where the user must pass in order to move along to the next lesson; and quiz mode – non-blocking, where the user can pass or fail the quiz and still progress to the next lesson. You then choose whether or not the user can see the correct answers to the quiz prior to passing on to the next lesson by selecting “show answers” or “no answers.”

The real value: the user can track their progress, marking off each lesson as they complete it. A text box pops up after each unit that says “Have you completed this unit AND any action steps specified? If yes, mark it as done.” The user clicks “Mark as Completed” and moves on. You, as the creator of the course, can see in the back end the students progress through the series of lessons.

WordPress For Online Training Site: What's Next?

They are working hard on improvements to the plugin, such as a place for instructors and employers to give users feedback on their quizzes and assignments. If you need a training program and love WordPress, this is perfect!

Do you rely on this, or another online training site / software package?

Photo Courtesy of Heisenberg Media via Flickr Creative Commons

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