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cloud hosting Keep Some of Your IT StaffThe cloud is the cure-all for today's IT problems. It's fluffy, relatively secure, and a way to cut back on spending. Article after article details the way that companies from A to Z have saved by switching to the cloud.

If you look closely at those articles (closer!), you'll notice one thing, though. Those savings mostly come from cutting back on manpower.

Wait, isn't that a good thing? Isn't it great for business to shave some salaries and save some dollars? Sure; but I'll warn you not to cut your IT department completely. Why? Here are a few good reasons to keep some of your IT guys around.

Keep Some of Your IT Staff: Security Issues

Hosting your data in a cloud means that someone will take care of all your security woes for you. Or so you think. That's not how it will go down, though. Once your data has been set up, you will receive a neat package from your new cloud provider will all the pertinent details. Your server will be running smoothly, and it will be completely open to hacks.

That's a big deal. What can you do? Set up a security system before your data goes cloud. Have that security system in place before you even say the word ‘cloud!' Guess what? You'll need an IT guy or two to set up this security infrastructure for you. You'll need those guys later down the road if something goes awry too.

There are more reasons to keep some of your IT team.

Keep Some of Your IT Staff: Backed Up Data Is Important

Dear cloud providers: please start providing backup data solutions. Right now, there are very few cloud companies that offer any kind of backup help. You can read through the fine print, but you still won't find it. So, what happens when the cloud goes down? Your data goes down with it. You'll need those IT guys to backup your data.

I can think of one more reason why you should keep a few IT people.

Keep Some of Your IT Staff: Updates Are Helpful

What will you do if you fire your IT team, and later require updates across the board? You know, laptop, desktop, and other updates? How about everyday support problems and details? What about those? Are you going to call up that cloud provider and ask them to provide company support? Not likely.

What I suggest is this: a nice mix of some IT professionals and the cloud. Keep the IT guys that are worth their salt, and get rid of the rest (sorry, that's the harsh reality!). Balance is the key to moving your data to the cloud. Don't get rid of your IT department completely – you'll need a few helping hands when it starts to rain.

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