So many people turn to the Internet for not only information, but goods and services. Online ecommerce experts at Fortune reported that 73% of the 500 people they polled do at least half of their shopping online. 66% of them actually prefer online shopping over going to the store.

Fresh Content

But with so many online cheap hosting websites, how do you make yours stand out among the rest? By offering fresh content relevant to what you are selling, or who you are marketing to. Yes, it's important to offer excellent customer service. You need to respond swiftly to customer emails and seek out positive reviews to highlight on your website. However, you need to put to use three important things in order to succeed, all involving excellent writing skills: blog posts, product descriptions, and social media.

Do you have the time or talent to take on this challenge? Probably not. It's best to hire a professional writer or team of writers to do it all for you! This way, you'll be guaranteed engaging content and descriptions and Facebook posts that wow your customers!

Fresh Content: It's What You Need, Blog It!

You need to make sure you are posting blog content frequently enough. You should aim for daily, but if this isn't in the budget, as frequently as you can afford to make it. The key to make blogging work for you is to keep it consistent. You are trying to get users back time and time again to your site. If you offer valuable content in the form of a blog post, you can be sure to see them more regularly!

It doesn't just have to be industry information. Post about new items in your inventory, a new deal you have in the shop, or a spotlight on an article your product was featured in. You should assign your writer or team of writers topics that can be covered in 300-500 words. Remind them to keep it engaging — you want customers to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions!

Fresh Content: It's What You Need, Product Descriptions

Sometimes, a professional writer just knows how to say it better. Yes, you paid for your cheap hosting plan and built your website, but will your products sell with those mediocre product descriptions?

Turn to your writer. They are guaranteed to turn a manufacturer-supplied description into something customers will eat up, enticing them to purchase the product. That is, if you have a decent writer who can say something amazing about a product in under 100 words (which isn't easy to do!)

When your customers see that you've taken the time to write your own descriptions rather than just cutting and pasting the manufacturer-provided descriptions, they will feel more comfortable buying from you. Customers love a personalized experience!

Fresh Content: It's What You Need, The World Of Social Media

This is probably the most important of all three components! It can be a way to share your blog posts with Facebook or Twitter users, enticing them to click over to read more, or to showcase new products you put up in your store. In fact, this is the best way to ensure eyes are always seeing what's happening at your ecommerce site.

Writers can come in handy here too, crafting short posts to attract that click, and making sure there are enough that you are reaching a good amount of customers.

The foremost reason to hire a good writer to help your ecommerce business flourish: you are giving a more human feel to your website, making users that much more comfortable with you, even if they've never met you. It is highly valuable, and not to be ignored!

Have you ever considered hiring a content writer for your shared hosting site?

Photo Courtesy of Guudmorning! Via Flickr Creative Commons

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