Why Is The Cloud So Popular?

Have you noticed how big cloud computing has become? Although the Department of Defense relies on the cloud, there are some that still have a hard time letting go and moving their data to a virtual, cloud hosting environment. Why Is The Cloud So Popular?

Are you one of those people who have a hard time accepting new things? Maybe you should consider giving it a try! Cloud hosting can save you both time and money if you choose the proper hosting provider. Let's look at the five main reasons cloud computing is becoming so very popular.

1. Why Is The Cloud So Popular: Great for your wallet, and the planet, too.

Let's think about something : you currently rely on the standard paper filing system for your business. This means you need to purchase paper (made from dead trees) to send through your printer (which uses electricity to run, and ink that you have to pay an arm and a leg for), and any time those forms need updating, you scrap what you had left and print out the revised version on more paper, with more ink. Maybe you hand out these forms or letters to those who simply toss them rather than recycle them, or shred them, using even more electricity.

The point is this : your money is being wasted. You could reduce costs significantly, including no longer needing to pay an employee to take care of filing for you, by not switching your data storage system to the cloud. Your wallet, the environment, and the trees will thank you.

2. Timesaver.

When you negate the need to file your records, update them, and run to the printer to replace the ink cartridge or stick paper in the feeding tray, what are you saving? Time!

Let's not forget that when a document is updated, there are times a person is left out of the loop when it comes time to distribute the revised version. If you store the form in the cloud, and this becomes the natural way people access it, it is always the up-to-date version, and no one else has to take extra time to revise a document that's already been revised. Only the most recent copy is available for all who have access to that company's cloud!

3. It's so easy.

Let's say there's an important project coming up, and one entire department is hard at work on different details. When one item is updated, does everyone know about it? Can anyone access the information and files pertaining to the project? If you rely on the cloud they will! Anyone with access to the cloud will be able to see the additions and modifications, removing any confusion that might occur from lack of information.

4. It's the ultimate in organization.

Do you often create a document and file it away where it becomes forgotten? This cannot happen when you rely on the cloud! Everything is in one place, and the search function allows you to instantly find that document you're looking for. Plus, no one else pulls out the document that has since been revised, using it in error, leading to confusion.

5. Safe!

Cloud servers, although they are still vulnerable to hackers just as regular servers are, are safer than keeping paper files all over the office. Most data centers are highly secure, with fire suppression systems, 24/7 security guards, and locked rooms housing servers.

Cloud storage is obviously the best choice when it comes to storing documents for your business, allowing instant, secure access for all who need it.

Will you give cloud hosting a shot for your business? Do you have a more favorable outlook on cloud hosting, or do you still have some hesitations?

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