Avoid A Bad Web Host In 7 Steps

Running a website can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. With all of the tasks you are responsible for when running a business, sometimes problems with your cheap hosting with domain website can push you over the edge stress-wise. hostgator Avoid A Bad Web Host In 7 Steps

Is your web hosting provider causing the stress? Are they there for you when you need them most, or are they causing you undue stress and headaches? These problems can translate into a loss of business and a tarnished reputation, which leads to revenue loss in the long run. Here's what you need to know to avoid any issues in the future:

Avoid A Bad Web Host In 7 Steps:

1. Due Diligence : You need to extensively research a cheap hosting with domain provider prior to signing a contract. What's even more important: you need to conduct this research on your own! Don't rely on someone else. Do they care as deeply for your business, or will they just choose a company based on a quick skim of their homepage? You can't trust everything you read on the Internet, either.

Sometimes, those hosting review sites are actually paid web host affiliates. The key is to figure out how actual users feel about the services they are receiving. Review online feedback from users, and if you can, contact companies that rely on that web host. This is a far more accurate way to determine if the company is worth a look.

2. Downtime : If the company under review experiences a lot of unnecessary downtime, stay away. Even if the downtime is “planned,” if you see a high frequency of outages, look elsewhere.

3. Professionalism : How does the company handle billing? What about downtime, are they making up stories to protect themselves?

4. Data Loss : Does the hosting company in question perform regular data backups? Most of them do, whether daily or weekly. However, do they charge a fee for it? There are some that will ask you to pay a fee for the constant backup of your data. Choose your company carefully so you don't end up paying for something you could do for free on your own! Even if the hosting provider is backing up your data, you should be doing it as well.

Better safe than sorry! For an added measure of security, back your data up not only to your computer, but to an online cloud-based storage website or an offsite data backup service. The more copies you have, the less likely your data will be lost forever!

5. Assure you're the registrar : Never EVER allow your web host to be listed as the registrar for your domain. Some cheap web hosting companies will offer to register the domain for you in their name, and if you didn't know this was a bad idea, you'd probably agree to it, wouldn't you? This is a bad idea for one simple reason: what if things go south and you realize you've chosen a horrible hosting company, and want to switch to a different company? If you do this and your hosting company is listed as the registrar, the domain isn't really yours (although you've paid for it.)

6. Monthly payment cycle : Yes, you can save money on that yearly plan, but should you do it? It is wise to start out paying on a monthly basis. If the hosting company proves to work out, great! Go ahead and sign on to that yearly plan that gets you a sizeable discount. If for some reason you don't like them, it's easier to leave because you aren't losing any money. It is also recommended you use PayPal or a credit card to pay for your hosting services. That way, if the company all of a sudden stops working or leaves you unhappy and they won't pay you back, you can go through the payment service's consumer protection program.

7. Remember that cheap doesn't mean best : Sometimes, you'll find it means more problems. There are those companies that stand out among the rest, like Hostgator, Go Daddy, and BlueHost, that will offer you a great experience and reliable hosting at a low price. However, there are also those that are unreliable. Do your research carefully to avoid them.

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