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what to charge for web hosting plans

People like variety, and that means offering a few different web hosting plans to your clients. As a web hosting provider, you have to create plans that give clients what they need while also offering truly affordable rates.

It can be tough to know what to charge a client, but most hosting sites offer plans so low it's hard not to compete. If you're wondering what to charge for each hosting plan you create, here are some ballpark prices and suggested services.

The Basic Web Hosting Plans

Start off with a basic web hosting plan. This is a no-frills plan that should include hosting and nothing else. This plan has to be low enough to attract customers, but not so low that people won't trust the plan at all.

Suggested rate: $5 per month.

That rate might seem super low, but $5 a month can add up if you can attract a few hundred clients. Quickly, $5 per month can turn into $500 per month. Most people will look at a basic plan carefully, so add something to your next plan that is too good to pass up.

Web Hosting Plans: The Upgrade Plan

Call it the “Bonus Plan,” the “Business Plan,” or whatever you want to name it. The next step up from your basic plan should include some incentives that are really excellent. One great example is higher processor speeds, more storage, and other details for $15 per month. For just an extra $10, those people that are thinking about your basic plan can easily upgrade.

If you offer something that's just too good not to purchase, you will gain a lot of customers that want to upgrade.

Suggested rate: $15-$20 per month

Web Hosting Plans: Keep Offering Incentives

In every line of business, flexibility is really important. You have to keep offering upgrade incentives that people can't say no to. Scalability, flexibility, and expandability are three things to always keep in mind. You might not be able to compete with the likes of Amazon or Microsoft, but you can certainly offer people plans that are up to date and flexible.

Just keep in mind that no matter how much you charge per month, or what package any client purchases, you must provide around-the-clock customer service. Small cheap hosting companies thrive simply due to excellent customer response time, and rapid responses when it comes to fixing known problems.

Where to Begin

Start your web hosting company by setting up that solid basic plan. Make sure your basic plan is running smoothly and that you have all the glitches worked out before you add any additional features or other plans. Keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day, and you can't expect your hosting company to grow by leaps and bounds overnight.

What you can do is offer some excellent plans backed by amazing customer service. Once the word gets out that you have built a solid company, your hosting business will grow.

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