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niche hosting Web Hosting CompanyWeb hosting isn't a new industry. Starting up a web hosting company means competing with established companies like HostGator and Bluehost. Companies that have built reputations and have been around for a long time. Is there any room for a new company to emerge and take over?

The answer isn't so simple. In fact, it's both ‘yes' and ‘no.' There's no room for a cheap hosting company that offers the same thing every other hosting company offers. There is room for something unique, untried, and niche.

Web Hosting Company: How to Stand Out

It's easy enough for someone to tell you: start a niche company! But, it's not so easy to figure out how to start that niche web hosting company, right? Here are some ways to think outside of that beaten box.

1. Go specific : Think about groups that you belong to. Or, groups that might need a web hosting company catering specifically to their needs. For example: you may decide to create THE only web hosting company for SEO marketers – there's a niche. Or, you may find luck in creating a company that's targeted for musicians. By narrowing your market and making your company specific, you will find a lot more clients.

2. Know your strengths : The big companies are tough to compete against, but something happens when a huge company is set up. Smaller parts of that company tend to be pushed aside. That's where your company can come into play.

Find something that you are really great at. This might be excellent customer service or local support. Or, it could be something a lot more technical. Everyone has a strength, and finding yours will mean more clients, more money, and more success. Be the best at what you do.

3. Go local : From local food to local shops, local is huge right now. Concentrate on a local market, and let everyone in your community know that your company is focused on them – and that you are trying to compete against “those massive faceless corporations!” People will eat it up.

4. Customize : Customization goes a really long way. Have you ever walked into a massive chain restaurant and asked for food that's off the menu? Or, how about a dinner item that's been tweaked with just a bit according to your preferences? I'm betting that the person taking your order gave you a confused look, right? But, your local restaurant will cater to your every need. That's the customization difference. Offer customized options that the big guys can't compete with.

5. Monitor everything : Be around if someone wants to get in touch with you. Keep an eye on everything that has to do with your business from the programs you're using to the sites that people are setting up. When you own a business, you can't monitor that enterprise closely enough.

Can you break into the cheap hosting market? You can if you find a way to stand out. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time competing against the big guys.

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