Increase Facebook Likes

Increase Facebook LikesAre things on your Facebook page at a standstill? What gives? Is there anything you can do to increase the number of Facebook fans your page has? Yes! Do you even need a Facebook page if you run a hosting company ? Of course! Take a look at these tips.

1. Increase Facebook Likes: Post Regularly

You need to find the right balance in terms of posting frequency. You want to post more often than once a month (that should be a given!), but not twenty times per day. Facebook allows you to schedule your posts, so carve out some time in your week (even just an hour) to draft and schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. Now you don't need to worry about posting too little due to a hectic schedule.

One post per day is great, but a few more can't hurt. You should also experiment with various times each day to see which times are optimal for maximum reach. The most important thing: make sure your posts are encouraging your fans to engage with you and share your posts. This increases your reach substantially, and is a great way to pick up more fans!

2. Increase Facebook Likes: Check Page Insights

You know what I'm talking about if you already have a Facebook page: that line chart that shows you your reach for each post throughout the week. It allows you to see what your fans like best (text vs. photos vs. videos), and which times tend to create the best reach. This isn't something you should do daily, but don't overlook this handy tool.

3. Increase Facebook Likes: Targeted Facebook Ads

Yes, it's going to cost a little money, but it will draw targeted users in that could mean more fans! Promoted Posts are doing very well these days too. These are the posts that show up within the News Feed, hidden amongst those pages the user already follows. Be sure to choose the option that targets friends of your current fans — users will trust your page more when they see their friends and family are fans too.

4. Increase Facebook Likes: Place Link To Your Page On Your Personal Profile

This is one of the easiest ways — when your friends see your profile, they'll see a link to your business without the need for ads. Add that link to the ‘Employment’ section on the ‘About Me’ page.

5. Increase Facebook Likes: Place A ‘Like' Box On Your Site And Blog

If you don't have a Facebook ‘Like' box embedded in your shared hosting website or blog, you're missing out! It's easy, and gives the user one less step when liking your page.

6. Increase Facebook Likes: Interact With Other Pages

Rather than comment on another company's Facebook post using your personal profile, switch to your page. Be sure you aren't trying to sell anything, just contribute positively to the conversation. People will then be interested in checking out your business!

7. Increase Facebook Likes: Post Useful Content

If you want people to like your page, you need to provide them with valuable, useful content above all else. This is what people truly want, not silly memes or links to boring articles.

Do you have a Facebook page? Do you think you're doing all you can to gather new fans, or do you have your own tips to share with our readers? Tell us!

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